For The Love Of A Child

A baby enters your home and makes so
much noise for twenty years
you can hardly stand it-
then departs, leaving the house
so silent you think you'll go mad.

By--Dr. J.A. Holmes

To really know anything about me and my goals. You must first
know what I do everything for. My inspiration and the joy of
my life. She may be small but the love in her heart, and the
love for her in mine is infinite.

This is my daughter. Ashley. She turned three
December 11th. Her father and I got a divorce last year.
He moved to Alaska and she hasn't seen him since. So I have
been on my own raising her for the last year. I am staying
with my parents right now. Which has been an extreme blessing.

My Father     My Mother

I am just now going to be starting College. I believe one of
my responsibilities now is to be able to raise her on my own.
I am not going to depend on anyone else to help me and my
daughter anymore. And maybe after I have achieved this goal, I
will find love. I don't want to find someone just so I will
have someone to support us. I have a list of helpful links and
information. I have spent many hours on the internet finding
useful information for school. I have put it down on a list of
links. Please feel free to browse it. Just click below to go
to the page!

Furthering Your Education

I always thought the road of a single parent was a lonely one.
Boy was I wrong. There are a lot of people, Men and Women who
are in the same situation. I wanted my homepage to be kind of
a refuge for the single parent and the romatisist at heart.
There are a lot of homepages for moral support for the single
parent. Many are made by people who were in the same situation.
They decided that they didn't want people to have such a hard
time as they did finding help and support. I consider them
heroes and inspirations. To visit these wonderful pages
click below.

Your Not Alone

there are little tid bits here and there about myself among my
pages. If you would like to get to know me a little better, I
finally made a biography page about myself. I am not anyone
special just a person like you and everyone else. Just trying
to get along in life and make it as happy as possible. I hope
you will come visit me though! I like really knowing about the
people I visit. The World Wide Web can be a very impersonal place.
So it is nice when you do get to know someone.

A Little About Myself


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