A Little About Myself

My name is Jessica and from looking around my page, I am sure
you can tell I am a Romantic at heart. Life to me would be
unbearible with out Love and Romance. Everyone wants to find
that special someone. If you have found yours, then you are
truely lucky. I haven't found mine yet, But I know he is out
there somewhere looking for me.

Well a little about myself. Lets see. I am twenty three. I was
born in Anchorage Alaska. I lived Anchorage for twenty years.
I got married in September of 1994, I had my beautiful daughter
Ashley December of 1994. Yes I am sure you can do your
math and figure out I got pregnant before I was married.
But don't think I was forced to marry I wasn't. I moved down
to Alabama in October of 1994, talk about to many
changes all at once. Well I must tell you my marriage was less
than perfect. So inevitably I was divorced in July of 1997.

I do have a happy life. I am one of those optomisitc people that
never stay down to long. I will be starting college in the Fall.
Which I am really excited about. I am planning on majoring in
Computer Science. Right now though I am working at my fathers
resturant. Which by the way is the best in Alabama!!

I am very close to my family. I have a wonderful relationship
with all of them. My pride and joy of course is my daughter.
She is truely and angel. I am so lucky to have the parents
that I have. They are loving caring people and I would never
have made it with out thier love and support.

My Father    My Mother

My sister Michelle and I didn't always get along so well. Like
all sisters so close in age (we're 10 months apart) we faught
over clothes and everything else. When we got to High school
we got a lot closer and I consider her my best friend. We still
spend a lot of time together. She moved down to Alabama with
her husband a year after I did. She is one of those lucky people
who have found thier soul mates. Her husband Vernon is a dear
person that I love also. He is brother that I never got a chance
to have. Like all family we fight a little, but we always have
that feeling that we all love each other and we will always be
there for each other.

My Sister and Best Friend


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