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Most of what we ask concerning room conduct is general respect for yourself and others. Please remember this is a public forum and act accordingly.
Although the rules in the new room are more relaxed than they were on MSN Chat, this doesn't give you a troll license to act like a child.
In addition to Chattacomb's rules, the following will be enforced:


Please do not advertise a product, service, other chat room, or personal home page. Solicitation of any kind is not allowed.

Want drama? Try Springer or Maury but not New2MSNTV. Please keep personal problems and issues private and do not disrupt the room with them.
Arguing and drama are not welcome. If you have an issue with someone, please be considerate of others and take it private. We don't want to see your dirty laundry the same as you don't want to see ours, especially Warbird's crusty socks, HeartlessFlamez's week old EDITED, or MysticalTemptation's Dragon breath roasted CENSORED

De basic rules go like dis.., No F word. No "G D". No ragging on people. No sex talk, (unless you are trying to figure out which one you are). No violence or threats of meaness. No pickin' on someone because they are different than you! No scrolling, no spittin' on da floor and absolutely positively NEVER touch Truly's chocolate stash, or sit in Warbird's recliner!

Please do not copy and paste the chat, Messenger, Whisper or an email (any personal content), into the room. We welcome people of all race, religion, gender, and national origins. We will not tolerate expressions of bigotry, hatred, harassment or abuse, nor will we tolerate threats of harm to anyone.

Please respect the Hosts & server administrators in the room. They volunteer their time freely to be here to help you. Most of what is asked is that we all respect each other.
These rules are subject to change.

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Revenge on Flamez, & Dragon bashing for good measure
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