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Chat Commands

Here's some basic chat commands that are used by most chat servers.
Although it's not absolutely necessary to use any of these, you should really take the time to learn a few, especially if you don't want your chat nic taken or cloned by someone else.
I'll start with the most basic commands, and as time goes by I'll add some
"Bells & Whistles" commands.
(Commands are listed in the order you would use them, so just read from the top, down.)

  1. Understanding Chat Nicks
  2. Register Nick With "NickServ"
  3. Protecting Your Nic
  4. Add / Delete Additional Nics (Linking)
  5. Switching To Additional Nics
  6. Switching From A Registered Nic
  7. Switching From A NON-Registered Nic
  8. Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!
  9. Ignore
  10. Shutting off Whispers on Webtv

Understanding Chat Nicks

The first thing you'll want to do is register your nic with the chat server.
Enter a chat room with the nic of your choosing. (you might find that doing this in a vacant room is best, so that you're not disturbed by other chatters).
On a PC, you may have to select a nic manually ahead of time, or accept a default nic that's assigned to you by the server. It's up to you.
On Webtv, it's a little diferent. On webtv your nic will automatically be the first part of your webtv user's email addy.
Example: If your user is [email protected] , your chat nic is automatically JohnDoe. You can always create a new user on webtv to get the desired nic. Webtv can create up to 6 users, total.

Register Nick With "NickServ"

For those of you who have never whispered manually, that command is:
/msg JohnDoe your message here
/msg followed by 1 space, followed by who you are whispering, followed by 1 more space, followed by your message.
For all commands on this page, pay special attention to the exact spelling, and where a space is, between words. Entire words typed in all UPPERCASE letters should be substituted by your own info.
Get it? Got it? Good!
Once you're in a quiet room with your desired nic, you need to manually whisper the following command to nickserv:

/msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAILADDRESS

Make up a password to replace the "PASSWORD" and replace "EMAILADDRESS" with your valid email address.

Make sure you remember the password you use when registering; you'll need it to make changes to your nickname later.
(Note that case matters! BULLDOG, BullDog, and bulldog are all different passwords!)
Passwords should not be easily guessable. For example, using your real name as a password is a bad idea. Using your nickname as a password is a much worse idea and, in fact, NickServ will not allow it. Also, short passwords are vulnerable to trial-and-error searches, so you should choose a password at least 5 characters long.

You must include a valid E-mail address when registering your nickname; NickServ will send you a message with an authentication code to this address, which you must use with the AUTH command to complete your registration.

The above command will register your nickname in the NickServ database of the chat server. Once your nickname is registered, you can use the SET and ACCESS commands to configure your nickname's settings as you like them. (to be covered later in this page).

If entered correctly, nickserv will whisper back to you, confirming that you've registered sucessfully.
Be sure to read the whispers nickserv sends you!

Once you have registered your nic on the server, you will have to INDENTIFY yourself to nickserv every time you leave the server and come back, from now on. The same is true if you are disconnected from the internet.
This command is done by whispering to nickserv, the following:

/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD

Replace PASSWORD with the password you registered with.
Failure to do this will result in your nic being changed automatically by nickserv, after 1 minute.
Remember; if you leave the server all together or get disconnected from the internet, you will have to IDENTIFY yourself again upon re-entering the server.

At this point, you have to wait for that email they will send you, at the email address you registered with. It usually comes as soon as you have registered, however you may have to wait awhile.
Inside the email, will be your AUTH code. (Authorization code)
They will give you the command as well which is:

/msg nickserv auth CODE

Replace CODE with the code they provided you in the email.
If you left the server to go read that email, remember that you'll have to go back to the server and IDENTIFY yourself again, before you can use the AUTH command.

This completes your nic registration.

If at any time, you'de like to change your password, make sure you are already IDENTIFIED, and then type:

/msg nickserv set NEWPASSWORD
Replace NEWPASSWORD with your desired new password.

Protecting Your Nic

Once your nic is registered, you may want to make use of the available protection features.
These features will prevent the unauthorized use of your nic, add security, and prevent information from being revealed about you. Once you activate these commands in connection to your nic, you won't ever have to do it again.
Remember; you first have to be IDENTIFIED before you can activate these. Here are the big 3:

/msg nickserv set kill on
/msg nickserv set secure on
/msg nickserv set private on

The above commands are entered exactly as they are.
If you'de like to learn more about all available nickserv commands, whisper this to nickserv:

/msg nickserv help
Then just read the very long whisper that nickserv will send back to you.
If you'de like to read more info on all nickserv SET commands, type:

/msg nickserv help set
If you want more info on a specific feature of the SET command, such as KILL, just type:

/msg nickserv help set kill
And so forth......

Add / Delete Additional Nics

If you're one of those chatters who like to change nics everyday of the week, you can do this without having to register them individually.
Instead, you can LINK other nics to your primary chat nic, using the LINK command.
Once your on the server and IDENTIFY yourself, simply whisper this to nickserv:

/msg nickserv link AdditionalNic

Replace AdditionalNic with a second nic of your choosing, such as Joe_Smoe.
All LINKED nics will have the same settings as the primary nic you registered with, so there is no need to set PRIVATE, KILL, or SECURE, etc. for the newly linked nic, ie: The settings for Joe_Smoe will be the same as JohnDoe.
Additionally, all linked nics will have the same password as your primary nic.
If you intend to link many nics, it's best to write them all down, so that you remember exactly how all of them are spelled.

To UNLINK a linked nic, the command is almost identical, except instead of using the word "link", you use "unlink" instead.

/msg nickserv unlink NICK
Replace NICK with the exact nic that you want to UNLink from your primary nic. Once a nic is unlinked, it is up for grabs and anyone can snag it for thier own.

Switching To Additional Nics

On a PC you can enter the server under any of your linked nics before entering, however on Webtv this task is more difficult. You either must first enter with the webtv user that you are registered with, IDENTIFY, then switch to a linked nic, via nickserv,
Go in with any unregistered nic and switch to a registered nic via an IRC command.

Switching From A Registered Nic

If you enter with a nic thats already registered, (say JohnDoe) then just IDENTIFY and then type:

/msg nickserv nick Joe_Smoe
You nic has just changed at this point, however if you are using webtv, YOU will not see the change. When you chat in the room, you will still see your old nic, however others in the room will see the new nic you've just changed to. Yes, It's confusing..... You WILL however, see your current nic listed in your whisper panel. Since your whisper panel shows your own nic after you switch, this allows you to verify that others in the room can see your new nic.
It's best to go to a different room and do the change, and then come back into the desired room.

Switching From A NON-Registered Nic

If you have entered the server with a NON-registered nic, then you cannot use nickserv to switch with on webtv.
Instead you have to use the IRC command to switch:

/msg irc nick Joe_Smoe
At this point you will be notified that you have switched to a registered nic and must IDENTIFY within one minute, otherwise your nic will be changed to a default random nic.

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

In certain circumstances, a "ghost" of your nic may appear in the chatroom you're in. This is also reffered to as a "ghost-session".
This most often occures when you have gotten knocked offline while in a chatroom, and reconnected.
Usually the ghost nic(duplicate) has the same nic spelling, except at the end, ie; A ghost of JohnDoe could be JohnDoe1, JohnDoe2 etc.

Here's the definition of a ghost session:
A "ghost" session is one which is not actually connected, but which the IRC server believes is still online for one reason or another. Typically, this happens if your computer crashes or your Internet or modem connection goes down while you're on IRC.
In order to use the GHOST command for a nickname, you must supply the correct password for the nickname, or you must already have identified to a nick linked to the given nick.
If you happen to see your own ghost, strap on your nuclear powered back-pack, and remember not to cross the plasma streams!
This command should kill the ghost:

/msg nickserv ghost NICK PASSWORD
Replace NICK and PASSWORD with your nick and password, and that ghost is toast!!!!


Getting bothered by an annoying low-life troll?
It's simple to use the "ignore" command, which after activation, will hide all whispers and messages from a specified nic.
Likewise, you can additionally unignore a nic that's currently ignored.
Simply use one of the two commands below.

/ignore JohnDoe
/unignore JohnDoe

Replace JohnDoe with the nic of your choosing.

Shutting off Whispers on Webtv

Although this isn't a command, I felt it important to explain how a webtv user can shut off their own whisper.
WebTvs can disable whisper by going to the "Extra Users" setting in the main account and choosing "Public Rooms Only" under Chat.

To be more specific, follow this path:
Switch users on webtv so that you are signed in as the primary user on the box. The primary user will be the top one on the list: The person whom the Webtv service belongs to.
From the primary user's "Homepage", click "Settings".
Then click "Extra Users".
Now click the secondary user to shut whispers off for.
(Only secondary users can have whispers shut off, not the primary user).
Next, click the chat setting for that user which may read "Unrestricted chat".
Click the button beside "Public rooms only", and click all the "Done" buttons, all the way back up through the settings area.

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