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Site news & updates
Last Updated: 11/26/06

This page was created to list any changes that have been made to the site (including any new pics), and also as a place where I could post member's feedback or suggestions pertaining to the site.
For convenience, the newest changes will be at the top, and decend downward in the order they were posted, with the exception of the "(always on top)" entry.

Despite the list of requirements on the homepage, I am constantly getting portrait submissions that do not include the EXACT / FULL chat nic that is to be associated with the portrait.
Since the chat nics are what you click on to view a pic on the pic page, it is vital that your nics be included along with your pic submissions.
Although I am familiar with some of you, there's no way I can remember every person's nic, so please don't assume I can....
Please read over the requirements before you submit a pic. I provide this site and my own time / work for free, so it would be nice if at the very least, you read & abide by them before submitting.

Site News & Updates

  • 11/2/06 - Our dear friend Karen (KJ) Wilson passed away yesterday, Nov. 1, surrounded by all her loved ones.
    I'm not very good at writing memorials, and this one is especially difficult.
    I rejoice in knowing that KJ is no longer suffering or in pain, and she is surely now in Heaven where she belongs.

    Her obituary is part way down this page,
    and you can make an entry and view other testimonials on her memorial page here.

  • 10/23/06 - Created page for rules of the new room, and a direct link to the room for Webtv's built in IRC, both of which are located in the top Nav Bar.
    Deleted page for access to old room, since the msn chat server was shut down.

  • 10/12/06 - Attention Mirc users on PC:
    The "Mirc Users" button in the top Nav Bar will take you directly into our new room provided you have enabled chat links support in your mirc options.
    To do so, open the options panel in mirc, expand the "IRC" catagory, and click on "Catcher".
    On the catcher panel checkmark the box that reads "Enable support for chat links", then click OK.

    If you'de like a shortcut directly to the room on your desktop, Right-click the above "Mirc Users" button, and select
    "Copy Shortcut". Now just paste it on your desktop. The shorcut will have the same icon as your Mirc program.

    If you'de like a custom Icon instead, Here's one I made from scratch, specifically for our room:
    Store the above icon where you know you wont move it any more. Once stored away, Right-click your desktop shortcut, and select "Properties", then click the "Change Icon" button. Now just browse to the spot you stored the icon, and select it, click "Apply", and "OK".

  • 10/11/06 - The new room is open and available on Chattacomb.net!
    See the "Nav Bars" at the top of all the pages for access to the new location.

  • 10/11/06 - Webtv's chat page has changed but the old room on msn is still there.
    See this page to gain access to old room untill it shuts down.

  • 10/7/06 - Added identical Nav Bars at the top of all pages, and deleted unsightly list of links at bottoms of all pages except the homepage.
    Did not include buttons for submit, remove, or suggestions on purpose, due to the fact that submissions should only be made after reading the requirements on homepage.

  • 9/24/06 - Compiled & created a new tutorial page of
    basic chat commands.
    The link can be found on every page of this website.

  • 9/24/06 - Added 1 more "egg" into website. See article dated 9/8 for details.

  • 9/11/06 - Added 2 more new "eggs" into this website. See article dated 9/8 below, for more details.
    Have fun finding them!

  • 9/8/06 - Added some hidden "easter egg" files thoughout the various pages of this website. No I'm not giving any clues on finding them, but you'll definately know it when you find one...
    Easter eggs = stupid, non-mature, funny files I made that serve no purpose, but hated to throw them away..... LoL
    I was bored. Gimme a break......
    (PS: Watch out for the rotten eggs)

  • 5/25/06 - Redesigned portrait page links so that portraits open in "new" window instead of "same" window for PC's.
    (this has no effect for webtv)

  • 4/18/06 - Modified submission requirement on homepage. Maximum email attachments for pic submissions has been reduced to 500 KB's. It's not fun waiting 5 minutes to download an oversized image attachment on dial-up. Thank you for understanding.

  • 4/14/06 - Extended opening paragraph on homepage to further elaborate that this pic page's email account is not the place to discuss the administration policies of the New2Msntv chat room. Those issues should be taken up with one of the 2 head administrators. Thank you.

  • 3/24/06 - Redesigned this news & update page with more tables in order to segregate the news topics from the pic changes.
    The new look is more steamlined, and not as messy as the old way. News updates will appear in this collumn, while the pic changes will be over there. ~~~ >

  • 3/18/06 - Created new page for all known emoticons that work in MSN Chat & Messenger.
    Currently I have 77 of them. If you know of any more that work on MSN and I don't have it listed, please use the feedback link on the homepage and send me the shortcut that makes it work and I will add it.

  • 3/14/06 - New requirement added to homepage, pertaining to those that are getting banned all the time or have been banned permanently.

  • 2/4/06 - PROFILES: Ambassador Martok has completely revamped his profile tutorial on how webtv can make profiles on the new MSN Spaces site!!!
    Check out his new tutorial !!!

  • 2/2/06 - New Chat sounds wav: "Justice" added to the kicked/banned area of chat sounds page. The wav comes from Metalica's CD - "...and justice for all"

  • 12/17/05 - This page was created & incorporated into the site, and referenced to, within the homepage's requirements.

  • 11/??/05 - Some new pic submitting requirements were added to the homepage, and some were re-worded, due to some trouble I was having dealing with some of the submissions I've received in the past.

  • 10/27/05 - A new page created & incorporated into the site that has downloadable chat sounds for PC users to customize their chat experience. (Instructions on how to make use of them included on the page).
    Sorry, this won't work for webtv / msntv. It's a PC thang....

New Pics / Deletions / Changes

  • 11/26/06 - Pic submitted by patty_sweet_kitty_girl

  • 11/7/06 - Pic submitted by Jenelle27

  • 10/13/06 - Pic submitted by HersheyMintCandies

  • 10/12/06 - Pic submitted by sasangel 33

  • 10/4/06 - ashley-margera-18 pic removed by request.

  • 9/26/06 - Pic switch for LaBellaGothique

  • 9/17/06 - Pic submitted by
    Dr-D-V-us / Brother_Numb

  • 9/16/06 - Pic removed by request: clone_0ne
    Pic switch for xX_Lori_Licious_Xx

  • 9/2/06 - Pic submitted by barb_loves_elvis

  • 8/30/06 - Pic submitted by Pablackguy, and
    Chat Nic change for The_Quencher to PainInTheRear

  • 8/29/06 - Pic submitted by GISWAG

  • 8/20/06 - SpittingCobra61 & Vodka_n_TomNik pics removed by request

  • 8/12/06 - Barb_loves_Elvis pic removed by request

  • 8/10/06 - Matt_LaRosa11-11-1983 pic removed - 15 year old MINOR!!!!
    Edited a few pics so no doubt is cast on nip shots

  • 8/9/06 - Pic submitted by 4ever_Sensual

  • 8/5/06 - Pic submitted by mskitty0316

    Princess_Patty pic removed by request, pending a new submission.

  • 8/2/06 - HersheyMintCandies pic removed by request

    Pic submitted by nurse2004-1

    Pic switch for Vodka_n_TomNik

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