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Due to the closing of MSN Chat, we've officially moved to the chattacomb chat server.
Links to the new room via IRC, Mirc, and a list of basic chat commands can be found in the "Nav Bar" at the top of all pages on this site.
Additional info can be found here.
If you'de like to download Mirc, you can do so at

Additionally, the email links I have posted here should only be used in conjuction with this pics page, ie; submitting/removing portraits, or offering feedback/suggestions pertaining to this website.
If you have an issue with the administration policies of Chattacomb, or the New2Msntv room itself, this is NOT the place to address those issues.

This site's purpose will be to serve as a safe method for the REGULAR chatters of the New2Msntv room to share "Self-Portraits" of yourself with fellow chatters, without revealing your own email addy, or giving away pagebuilder URL's which ALSO reveal your email addy.
It is my intent, as a host of New2Msntv, to simply provide a safer method of sharing photos, especially for those users on Webtv, or MSNTV, whom cannot upload pictures into their MSN Profiles, or click open another chatter's profile, within the chat room.

Instead of swapping pics through email, you can instead - submit them to this site, and simply invite your chat buddies to view your pics here.

This safer method allows you to keep your email addy private, and will reduce your chances of getting harassed by chatters whom may take advantage of knowing your addy, and also will reduce chances of having your addy harvested by spammers in the chat room.

While you're surfing the multiple pages of this site, keep an eye out for the hidden "easter egg" files. No I'm not giving any clues on finding them, but you'll definately know it when you find one...
(PS: Watch out for the rotten eggs)
Easter eggs = stupid, funny, non-mature files I made that serve no purpose, but hated to throw them away..... LoL

  1. All self-Portrait submissions sent here should be 500 KB's or less in file size, and be in BMP, JPG, or GIF formats. Prior to publishing your submission on this site, I will convert all portraits to JPG format and resize them to a maximum approximate size of 300 or 400 by 300 or 400 - in an effort to conserve bandwidth and storage space. Image resizing will be kept "to scale".

  2. Submissions can be in the form of text URL's, or email attachments.
    Please do not forward emails that have already been forwarded multiple times,
    and please: NO HTML emails.

  3. Portraits submitted MUST be your own. I will not accept pics of someone else without that person's consent.
    (an email directly from that person is the only type of consent accepted)

  4. If you submit a portrait with more than 1 person in the picture, then please state in the email which person is you.
    I will annotate your name on the picture beside you, so that those wondering which one is you can easily pick you out.

  5. Submissions will be accepted on a "first come-first served" basis to only the REGULAR chatters of New2Msntv, be they on PC, Webtv, or MSNTV2, etc.. Although there is plenty of room here, there is a limit to the storage space, so if eventually the storage is maxed out, no more submissions will be accepted untill the current submissions already published can be evaluated to see if all persons chat nic's are still regular chatters of New2Msntv. If any can be deleted, then more can be added, untill full again.

  6. If your portrait is already published here, and you wish to have it removed, then please use the appropriate link at the bottom of this page, and ask for it's removal. Please include your chat nic with the request, so I know which pic you are referring to.

  7. Remote linking or Hotlinking to all images or sound files is strictly prohibited. (Even if it's YOUR pic). If my logs ever reveal hotlinking, this site will be deleted, and you'll have ruined a good thing for everybody. I'll not stand for hotlinking. I won't allow it, and neither will Geocities.

  8. Your FULL / EXACT Chat Nic should be included with your self-portrait submission, and should be the nic you use regularly, as it will be included as a clickable text link that goes directly to your portrait. Submissions that do not include your chat nic will NOT be published.
    Inappropriate chat nics will not be accepted. If your chat nic would most likely be kicked out of the room by one of the "Hosts", then it most likely won't be accepted here, either.....

  9. You must be 18 years old or older, to have your pic posted here.

  10. (9a.) Pics submitted must also be pics of you as an adult, not childhood pictures.
    The whole point of this site is to get an idea of who you are chatting with, ie: current / semi-current photos.

  11. Except for other hosts: No cartoonish silly joke pictures please, unless the photo is actually of YOU and other people can still tell what you look like in real life.
    Again, the whole point of this site is to get an idea of who you are chatting with, not to see the latest funny pics people find on the internet.
    Hosts are the only ones exempt from this requirement. Sorry.

  12. Portraits will not be accepted from those who are banned on a regular basis, or have been banned permanently from New2Msntv.
    If this becomes the case after a portrait has already been posted, then the pic will simply be removed without notice.

  13. Before submitting your pic, please take the time to review the News & Updates page.

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