The Birth of an Empire

The Birth of an Empire

Chapter 8




Vegeta stretched, staring at the ceiling as he let the pleasant tiredness flow through his body, thoughts turning to the previous few hours. After leaving Roshi’s house, the gathered frustration at Goku’s seemingly divided attention had begun to bubble to the surface.

By the time they had reached the club and found themselves a room, the sexual tension had bubbled together with his partially foul mood. Within seconds of closing the door, Goku’s pants had been reduced to shreds on the floor and Vegeta had roughly tossed him onto the bed.

The following sex had been rough and fast, neither Saiya-jin bothering with any form of foreplay. Kisses had been few and far between, bites taking precedence, and Vegeta was pretty sure Goku had raked several red trails along his back.

Wondering if he had been too rough, Vegeta glanced over at the other fighter, arching an eyebrow when his eyes fell upon the smiling, purring and quite obviously content, Goku.

‘All that and he’s purring, shouldn’t he be in pain? …No lubricant, no nothing…’

Opening his eyes, Goku turned and stared at Vegeta for a few moments purring only ceasing for a few moments so he could speak.

“I’ve gotta get you that angry more often, Vegeta…”

Leaving Vegeta to blink in surprise, Goku closed his eyes and resume purring his contentment to the world, stretching his body and letting his limbs settle every which way.

Silence stretched out over the room, both men losing themselves in their thoughts for a while, until Goku turned on his side, pressing his face into Vegeta’s neck. Purring quietly, he lightly kissed tanned skin until sleep fell over him, his tail wrapping around Vegeta’s waist.

Mentally shrugging, Vegeta decided that sleep, being a good idea, shouldn’t be ignored. Closing his eyes, he turned his head slightly to bury it in Goku’s hair and soon joined his companion in unconsciousness.

A tickling sensation on his neck was the first thing he became aware of. This was soon followed by a similar sensation against his ear and a rumbling purr. Blinking himself awake, his eyes focused on the slightly blurry form of Goku, who currently happened to be amusing himself by nuzzling his Prince’s face.

Giving a halfhearted shove, Vegeta pushed the larger man off him as he tried to wake his mind up. Feelings of cranky annoyance surfacing from the previous night, a small growl from his left drew his attention back to Goku.

Looking especially ruffled, Goku’s tail swished through the air as a particularly pouty look made it’s way over his face. Moments passed as his pout slowly changed into a hurt expression, dark eyes never leaving the Ouji’s face.

Finally, Vegeta couldn’t stand it anymore.


A small huff-like sound made it’s way from Goku, face going back to the pouty look as he climbed out of the bed. Vegeta leant his head back and closed his eyes, frowning slightly as he once again tried to figure out the other Saiya-jin’s behavior. True, some of it could be blamed on the frying pan incident and the re-growth of his tail, but the new insatiable need for sex…

A few muttered curse words caused him to open his eyes and look over at Goku, who was currently stood with his back to him, tail waving in the air. Letting his eyes drift down, Vegeta focused on a clear liquid that was glistening on the back of Goku’s thighs.

Focusing a little more, Vegeta’s mind suddenly snapped awake as small bits of information began adding up in his brain.

Some louder cursing caused him to shift his attention to Goku’s face, and then the shredded pile of clothes that he was holding. Oops.

Trying to get his brain together, Vegeta finally managed a reply.

“There’s a spandex workout suit in my bag. I brought it along last night in case we actually DID spar. One size fits all Kakarrot, remember that thing is designed to fit me as an Oozaru…”

Nodding, Goku raided the bag and pulled the spandex on, still huffily ignoring Vegeta as much as he could. Facing the door, he crossed his arms and waited for the Saiya-jin no Ouji to dress.

Vegeta buttoned his shirt up, looking at the lashing brown tail of his rival. Sighing, he decided to make peace with the ruffled man.

“Kakarrot? Do you want to go to the mall now? We can get something to eat, since I’m sure it’s midday by now…”

Instantly perking up, Goku began grinning once again at the promise of food.

Flying through the air, both men let their thoughts wander, various ponderings going through their mind.

Goku had left his thoughts go back to the previous night, namely to Yamcha’s behavior. His friend had been obviously picking up on sexual innuendo in his speech, but the rest of his awkward actions were odd to say the least.

Glancing over to Vegeta, he broke the silence.

“Vegeta, did you notice Yamcha’s weird behavior last night?”

Vegeta snorted.

“I wouldn’t call it weird, just awkward and scared.”

“Scared…? Why would he be scared…?”

“Well, Kakarrot. I doubt he is used to seeing you suck off your straw. Never mind sucking off your straw while staring at him!” Vegeta finished moodily.

“I wasn’t! …Was I?” Goku asked, eyes widening. “I know I was doing it to you, but not to him…”

“Yes, Kakarrot, you were aiming it at him too. Don’t know why…”

“Well, he IS good looking, but I don’t like him like that! Anyway, he was awkward from the moment he saw me…”

Vegeta didn’t reply, leaving Goku to fall back into his thoughts. Vegeta was being almost…jealous?

Vegeta on the other hand, was pondering that mornings thought process before Goku had interrupted him. The other man hadn’t been aware that he was quite obviously flirting with the human…?

Flaring his nostrils, he tried to catch the scent of his rival. It was stronger and muskier, overlaid with the scent of the previous nights activities. Tilting his head, he glanced over at Goku’s tail.

‘That must have been the trigger…’

Just then, the domed roof of the mall came into view, ripping Vegeta from his thoughts as Goku sped up, a small ‘Woohoo!’ making it’s way to his ears. Realizing the other Saiya-jin wouldn’t be carrying any money, Vegeta sighed.

‘I guess this is payback for his clothing…’

The last two full-blooded saiya-jins stared down at the rush of people below them. They were at the mall, leaning against the railing at the top level. For long minutes the silence stretched between them, not quite awkward, but not exactly comfortable either.

“Vegeta-sama,” The younger man said, breaking the silence. “What do I have to do?”

The saiya-jin no ouji glanced up at Goku. “What do you mean?”

“I want you, hell, I need you!” the tall man admitted. “I do everything I can for you. I would do anything for you, and still, my prince, you won’t mate with me. What do you want from me?”

The shorter man was silent for a moment.

“The world, Kakarrot.” He replied, smirking.

Goku was about to respond to that when his shorter counterpart yelped and darted a hand to his rear.

Spinning around, the pissed prince glared around him. “Some asshole pinched me!”

Goku growled deep in his throat and also looked around. Spotting a couple of boys laughing and shooting them backwards glances, he went after them without a second thought. Appearing in front of the startled teens the tall saiya-jin smashed his fist into one’s face before delivering a roundhouse kick to the other.

He laughed as the offending two went flying, shattering shop windows and knocking over displays. Seeing mall security running towards him, the spiky-haired fighter flashed super saiya-jin and decided to have some ‘fun.’

Falling into a fighting stance Kakarrot grinned sadistically at the advancing mall cops. With a shout he ran towards them at super speed, scattering the poor people like leaves. Leaping up and rebounding off the wall the tall saiya-jin performed a couple of back flips to the railing before vaulting over it and dropping to the first floor.

The linoleum cracked under his feet as he landed in a cat-like crouch. Multiple people screamed and soon the mall was in a panic as the strange golden-haired man easily fought off not only the security but also the real cops that had been called in.

Losing patience with the pathetic fight the law enforcers were putting up, Kakarrot raised a hand and shot off a ki-blast, incinerating a number of cops and creating a rather large hole in the wall.

Darting through the newly created exit the saiya-jin leaped upon a car and continued to make his way through the heavy traffic, leaving dents in the roofs of vehicles. Spotting a news van taping the incident he laughed as a sudden idea hit him.

Powering up, Kakarrot blasted off into the air, reducing the car below him to scrap. Meanwhile back at the mall a rather stunned Vegeta stood, leaning against the railing.

Gohan was walking down the street when he heard the shouts and screams. Turning in the direction of the sound he wondered what was going on. Racing toward the commotion the demi-saiya-jin was startled to find a massive hole had been blasted in the side of a mall.

Moving closer, he was even more shocked to see multiple ambulances and police cars surrounding the building. Men were being carried out on stretchers, and people were being herded from the scene.

Rushing up to a random cop, Gohan asked, “What happened here?!”

“Some psycho in the mall attacked some kids and got in a huge fight with security before running off,” The policewoman growled.

“What did he look like?”

“Not sure myself, but my partner was there,” the woman answered. “Blonde, spiky hair, blue eyes. He was wearing some sort of black spandex outfit.”

Gohan’s eyes narrowed. “Thanks for your help.”

“No problem kid.”

Running into an alley, the demi-saiya-jin powered up and flew off. He had a sneaking who the psycho was, a certain saiya-jin prince by the name of Vegeta.


The saiya-jin prince raised an eyebrow. What was Kakarrot’s brat doing here? Getting up from the couch, he strode to the door and opened it.

“What do you want, boy?” he asked Gohan, annoyed. “I was watching the news.”

“Seeing what they have to say about your little excursion at the mall?” the demi-saiya-jin growled.

Vegeta eyed him skeptically before turning away and walking back inside. “I don’t have time for this.”

“You did it, didn’t you? And here I thought you’d changed after all this time!” Gohan ranted. “But no! You’re the same stuck-up, sadistic asshole you were when I was little.”

The saiya-jin no ouji snarled and spun around to face the other man. “Listen here brat! I did nothing of the sort! Maybe you should get your information straight before you go pointing fingers!”

The demi-saiya-jin was stunned for a moment, before getting angry again. “Well if it wasn’t you than who was it?”

Vegeta didn’t say anything, moving to the TV and sitting on the couch.

“Vegeta!” Gohan shouted. “Tell me!”

Suddenly a stunned looked fell over the saiya-jin prince’s face, “Kakarrot!”

“Wha-?” The half-blood realized Vegeta was staring at the TV. Turning to the television he saw the smirking face of his father, teal eyes narrowed, giving an altogether feral look.

“Hello peoples of Earth,” the super saiya-jin said. “This is your Emperor speaking. I just thought I’d let you know that everything and everyone on this planet now belongs to me. If anyone feels like challenging my title, they have a week to fight me and defeat me in battle. Such challengers can find me at Stonehenge in England. I’ll be waiting.”

The screen went black for a moment, then Goku’s face flashed back onto the screen, speaking one phrase before disappearing for good. “All your base are belong to us.”





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