The Birth of an Empire

Chapter 4




Reaching the top of the stairs, both Saiya-jin came to a stop at a large desk, a blond woman with tousled hair and dark rimmed eyes looked up at them while a large, bald man leant against the wall behind her. Raising her eyebrows in appreciation at the two men in front of her, she waited for their request.

"Have you got a free room up here?" Vegeta asked, cutting straight to the point.

"We've got three left, they're all themed rooms and cost an little extra. The first we have is water themed, the second is jungle themed and the third is themed in ancient Greece."

It didn't take a second for Vegeta to answer.

“Jungle theme."

Putting her hand out, she waited until Goku pulled a few notes from the tiny side pocket in his shorts before handing a set of keys over and wishing them a good time.

Storming off down the corridor, they found the door marked for them and let themselves in. Pausing after they closed the door, they took a moment to look around the room.

A large, king-size bed stood against the wall, draped in many layers of what seemed to be animal print cloths and fake fur throws and cushions. A thick, fluffy carpet that appeared to be dark green stretched across the room, potted ferns and various other plants lining up along the walls. The walls themselves were painted with trees, vegetation, and along one wall a leopard crouched under a bush, green eyes watching the occupants of the room.

Looking up, Goku grinned at the large, circular glow light that had been built into the ceiling, surrounded by black paint with small white stars. The light throwing an almost moonlight effect over the room, streaks of metallic paint in the walls shimmering in the soft light.

Somewhere to the side, he heard the barely audible click as a CD whirred to life, the sounds of the jungle filling the room a few moments later. Insects chirping in a constant melody, broken occasionally by the squawk of a bird or the soft roar of a jungle cat, setting the Saiya-jin at ease.

Vegeta moved forward, strolling towards the bed with Goku following closely behind him. Pausing to unclip the leash, he sat himself on the bed, leaning back on his hands before raising his eyebrows expectantly.

Goku stared for a moment before comprehension set in. Toeing off his boots, he watched the Saiya-jin Prince as he slid his hands up his sides and across his abdomen, up until he reached the first of the closed buttons on his shirt. Slowly undoing each of the buttons, he stretched his arms back and let the shirt glide to the floor, hands next moving to the button on his shorts, he flicked it open and pulled the zip down, easing the shorts down and finally freeing his erection.

Standing still, he smirked as he watched Vegeta's eyes drift over his body, briefly noting that he was still wearing the stockings. Mentally shrugging, he decided to leave them in place for now.

Grinning, he leant down on his hands and knees, and crawled towards Vegeta, tail waving in the air and bushing out slightly as he came to a stop in between the Prince's legs. Rubbing his cheek against Vegeta's leather clad knee, Goku adopted his most innocent expression and began purring, tilting his head as Vegeta reached forward and reclipped the leash again.

A quick tug on the leash brought Goku's head forward, bringing him face to face with the obvious bump in Vegeta's pants. Glancing up for a moment, he took in the smirk on Vegeta's face before grinning in return and raising his hands to unfasten the clip on his rival's trousers.

Leaning forward, he dipped his tongue into the other saiya-jin's naval, purring louder as the exotic taste that bathed Vegeta's skin ran across his tongue. Trailing his tongue across the tanned skin, he used his hands to pull the zip down and move the pants out of the way, feeling Vegeta lift his hips to allow him to slide the pants down.

Grinning as Vegeta's arousal was revealed, he slid the black pants down to the smaller man's ankles, pulling his shoes off before settling himself between his legs once again. Running his tongue over his lips, he reached up and wrapped his hand around the base.

Leaning down, he darted his tongue out and ran it across the slit at the end of Vegeta's erection, fluffing his tail out at the small intake of breath that made its way to his ears. Smiling slightly, he lowered his head down, swallowing the shorter man's arousal.

Pulling his head back up, he ran his tongue along the underside, pausing at the end to trace around the sensitive ridge. A loud moan from Vegeta drawing his attention up as the leash tightened, pulling his head down once again as a hand fisted in his hair.

Swallowing Vegeta's arousal once again, he began purring, relishing in the small growls he was drawing from the other saiya-jin. Bobbing his head up and down, he ran his teeth along the sensitive flesh, instantly soothing the area with his tongue.


Lifting his head, Goku looked up at Vegeta with a questioning glance. His lips pressing against the head of his Prince's erection, pre-cum smeared across his bottom lip as he waited for Vegeta to continue.

Instead of saying anything, Vegeta pushed himself back along the bed, pulling Goku along with him. Raising himself to his knees, he paused a moment to look his rival over before lifting his hand and making a spinning motion with his finger.

Grinning, Goku slowly turned himself around, never leaving his position on his hands and knees. Facing away from Vegeta, he lifted his tail over his back in invitation, spreading his legs as he glanced over his shoulder.

Eyebrows rising for a moment, Vegeta grinned in response as it finally hit him just how willing his subject was being. Stalking closer, he noticed a clearish fluid seeping from Goku's entrance.

Breathing heavier, he placed his hands on Goku's hips and positioned himself at the taller man's entrance, pausing for a moment before thrusting in. Burying himself in the warm flesh below, a loud moan pierced the air as Goku's head tilted back.

Beginning to thrust slowly, Vegeta watched through now half lidded eyes as the other saiya-jin's tail doubled in width, before flattening out and then fluffing out again. Goku's groans filled the air, the initial pain of being entered so abruptly only serving to heighten his pleasure.

Leaning over so that his chest covered Goku's back, Vegeta began lightly nipping at the pale skin, senses awash with the sight, scent and feel of firm muscles surrounding his cock. Gripping Goku's hips, he began to speed up his thrusting, teeth roaming their way along his shoulder, up his neck and finally to his ear.

Nipping less than gently, Vegeta licked at the small amount of blood on the lobe, the salty taste waking some more primal instincts within his mind. One hand released its grip on Goku's waist and slid below the tense body, grasping onto the other man's previously ignored erection.

Roughly pumping Goku's arousal, Vegeta began biting his way along his rival's neck, the taller fighter tilting his head to the side to allow him better access. Growling under his breath, Vegeta's thrusts became shorter as he felt Goku's muscles begin to contract around his erection, the muscles in his stomach coiling.

Body going rigid, Goku's orgasm hit him first. Covering Vegeta's hand with his seed, his hips thrust back to meet the other man's, a loud shout escaping his throat and trailing off into a moan. Vegeta came seconds later, both hands clasping into Goku's hips with a vice like grip as he buried himself inside the other man.

A low purr escaped Goku's throat directly after the moan as he felt his Prince's semen fill him, quickly changing into a moan as Vegeta pulled away to collapse on the bed next to him.





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