The Birth of an Empire

The Birth of an Empire

Chapter 5




A general feeling of 'good' was the first thing that melted into Vegeta's semi-conscious thoughts. For a while he didn't care how or why he felt so good, just that he felt it, was happy about it and was content to stay this way.

The second feeling however, caused him a tad more concern, not enough to rouse him however. Something large and warm was pressed up against him, and making breathing noises. Giving a mental shrug, he filed the information away for when he could be bothered to think about it, and went back to basking in the warm glow of 'good'.

His pleasant mood was ruined however, when the warm thing next to him made a small moaning noise and moved. Eyes snapping open, he sat bolt upright and looked down to his side where a sleeping Goku had been pressed against his side.

Gasping for breath, Vegeta stared wide-eyed at the saiya-jin next to him for a few moments, calming slightly when the younger man didn't wake up.

He turned his gaze away for a moment, glancing around the room as memories from the previous night began flooding through his mind. The broken mattress, piles of clothing on the floor and small cracks in the walls refreshing his mind.

Lying back down, he turned to look back at the man who had once been his rival. Goku's hair was messier than normal, extra spikes sticking up all over the place. His face however, looked it's usual peaceful self in sleep, not a glimpse of the "come and get me" expression from the night before could be seen anywhere.

Frowning, he let his mind drift off to the night before to his own thoughts. Why exactly HAD he gone along with it all? The first and most obvious fact had to be the way the younger man had looked when he had turned up on his doorstep. Hardly any skin covered by the little clothing he had worn, and despite the half effort he made to pretend he hated the man, there was no denying that he had looked very attractive. Or, if he decided to be more honest with himself, sexy. Very sexy.

Following that, curiosity. He had wanted to see what had happened. When the most naďve man in existence turns up on your doorstep dressed in little better than a whore's clothes and asking for you personally, almost anyone would have followed.

Then lastly, his scent. Even back at Capsule Corp, he had been able to smell a change. The first and most obvious being that the other man had actually smelt saiya-jin, his scent had changed drastically, losing some of its usual sweetness. He smelt much spicier when he had appeared in the ne clothes, even more so now after the night before.

Pausing, he leant over a little and took another sniff of Goku; finally taking in the main change in the younger mans scent. Submissiveness…

Thinking back, he compared it with what he remembered as the younger mans scent from before, he had always given off a more dominant scent. Probably to match his earth saving role, the one thing that had clashed with Vegeta's own scent and personality. It had been the way mates had been drawn together so well on Vegeta-sei, the dominant partner had been attracted to a mate with a submissive scent, and vice versa.

Inhaling deeply, Vegeta began to decide on a way to wake the sleeping saiya-jin, when the door burst open and a small and a little old lady made her way in, equipped with various room cleaning instruments.

Vegeta spoke the first words that came to his, once again, shocked mind.

"What the hell?!"

The woman paused in mid shuffle and stared at him, dark eyes looking over him and Goku.

"I don't care what you and your boyfriend here, just don't get in my way!" she stated in a thick accent, muttering in another language as she reached for the vacuum. The noise that followed from the old and dusty machine were enough to wake Goku up, large dark eyes blinking in confusion for a few seconds before clearing.

Focusing his gaze on Vegeta, the two saiya-jin stared into each other's eyes for a moment, before Vegeta broke the gaze and made to stand up.

"Come, Kakarrot, we're leaving."

Nodding, Goku hopped out of bed and pulled on his clothes and righting his hair a little, following Vegeta outside a few minutes later. Pausing outside the now deserted club, they stared at each other again, Goku being the first to break the silence this time.

"I'll see you later, Vegeta."

Smirking slightly, a brief flash of his expression from the night before was all that was given to Vegeta as the younger man took off into the air, leaving him alone in the annoyingly sunny street.

Goten pulled on his gi, and ran out of his room to the hall where his mother greeted him with the usual breakfast, but without the usual smile gracing her face. Seating himself at the table, the demi saiya-jin began to inhale his food, intent on being on time for the bus, until a sense of wrongness settled over him.

Glancing around, he finally realised the missing presence of his father.

"Mum? Where's daddy?" he asked, promptly emptying a large glass of milk.

Slamming a dish down on the side, Goten winced as Chichi's shoulders tensed up.

"I don't know Goten. Your father left last night and never came back..."

Looking down for a moment, the dark haired woman wondered if she could have done any real damage to her husband, until her son's voice broke through her thoughts.

"Mum! The bus is here! Tell daddy I said 'hi' when he comes back! Bye!" Grabbing his bag, Goten ran out the door and onto the bus, sitting himself down at the front near the driver and staring out the window at the dull, grey buildings as they zoomed by.

Looking at the crowds of people, he wondered where his father had gone.

'Daddy never left before unless it was really important. I wonder if the world's in danger again…'

Goten sighed. He tapped his fingers against the table, humming a ditty to himself. His lunch stood in front of him, but oddly enough, he didn't feel particularly hungry.

He might've been the school's hero after handling Byron, but he was still alone. Oh, sure, there were some 'fans' swamping around his lunch table, but none of them offered any good conversation. He was, to put it bluntly, bored.

Then somebody else's lunchbox was dropped onto the table next to him. The young boy looked up, to meet the eyes of a dark-haired girl just about his age. Her face was friendly, and so was the smile on her face. She wore a blue shirt with brown shorts. The girl plopped down next to him.

"Hiya, you're Goten, right? I'm Nicki."

The boy grinned at her. "Yup, that's me. I'm Goten Son!"

"You won't mind if me and my friends eat here, right?" He blinked at her, and looked around. He hadn't seen any other people around. She giggled. "They're off somewhere, arguing no doubt. They're always doing that. But you can't split 'em up."

Goten nodded. He'd have to see these people later, then. "Okay, that's fine then." he said, the Son-smile plastered onto his face. "I just moved here a couple of days back.. Mom said she wanted to live closer to the city and all."

"I've lived here all my life. So've Len and Troy. We all met in kindergarten." She pulled a sandwich out of her lunchbox, and took a bite out of it, quickly chewing it all to bits. "People always tell us we're weird, so if you don't wanna be our friend, that's fine too.."

"No, that's alright. I'm kinda weird too!" His eyes sparkled, and then fixed firmly on his food. He'd almost forgotten all about that! Well, now to do something about it.. The boy dug in, sending various pieces of meat flying. Nicki stared at him, then grinned.

"You have the same eating habits as Len." she informed him, before getting rid of the rest of her food.

There were footsteps. Then a shadow fell over the table, as two people approached. Goten looked up again, this time coming face to face with a girl and a boy, both also his age. The boy was scowling, whereas the girl had a grin fixed on her face.

The boy's hair was brown, cut close to his head. He had a pair of glasses set on his nose, and he was wearing an odd combination of red shoes and a camo jacket. The girl's hair was a dark blonde, and fell down to below her shoulders. She wore jeans and a t-shirt, and her eyes sparkled with mischief.

"Making buddies, Nick?" The girl unceremoniously threw her bag and her lunchbox down, before sitting down herself. "Sorry, me and loserboy here got into a bit of a fight. He doesn't want to admit that his dad was really a monkey."

"He's not, wench! We just don't know who he is!" Troy threw back, before sitting down next to her. "Now will you stop fighting for the sake of fighting!" The only response he got was a stuck-out tongue. He crossed his arms, sat back, and scoffed in silence.

Goten raised an eyebrow at them. But Nicki just smiled, placing her arm on the table and leaning over it, gaining Len and Troy's attention. "This is what we've been looking for, people. The last member of our club. Now we're gonna be friends forever, eh?"

"Eh." The two confirmed, in chorus. It took Goten a moment or two to realize what was expected of him, before he echoed the both of them.

And that's, quite simply, how family started to become a relative term for Goten Son.

Goten threw his schoolbag down onto the table in front of him. Immediately, all eyes were set on him. He blinked. And then he was forced to move quickly as several small children threw pieces of crumpled up paper at him. Now what was the matter? They'd liked him just the day before…

He was snapped out of his thoughts by his teacher as she walked in. She put down her book on the table, adjusting her glasses and smiling. The teacher was rather pretty; she had long, reddish brown hair and big green eyes. "Now, class, all open your books to page five. Let's begin our reading exercises."

"Yes, Ms. Rasker!" the class chorused, safe for the small group of four back in the corner. Goten hadn't joined in because he didn't know everything very well, yet. The other three people in his part of the room were obviously used to ignoring their teacher, because they all had rather bored expressions on their faces.

"Why did they just throw paper at me?" the black-haired boy asked Nicki, who was seated next to him. She smiled back at him and took a couple of moments before replying, softly,

"They're the trend geeks. They don't like us very much. There's more of them than of us, though." She seemed a tad bit sad over this fact.

Len, sitting in front of him, twisted her head around in order to talk to him. She had a pencil in her hand and was tapping it against the side of her desk impatiently. "They're really really stupid. All they do is stand in the hallways and talk about what colours their clothes should be, and how cute braids are and stuff. Somebody should hit them sometime."

"Silence!" The teacher thwaped her ruler against the large desk in front of her, with the air of someone who was used to this kind of behaviour. "You have to listen or you won't learn."

The brown-haired boy next to Len seemed a bit confused by this. "But can't you also learn by reading books? Or do you have to read books out loud?" Troy scratched at the back of his head. He had one arm slung over the brown slab of wood in front of him, while the other was stretched out over his chair.

Ms. Rasker didn't seem very pleased with him at all. "Just be silent and listen to me, Troy, and you'll do just fine. Okay?" Her response was a meek little nod from the boy in question, and a rather affronted glare from the girl next to him.

"So you're saying that if we listen to you we'll learn everything we need to know? But then you have to know, like, everything. And that's not possible, your head would be really big if you did." The brown-haired girl nodded, obviously pleased with her display of child-logic. Nicki buried her face in her hands, muttering something along the lines of 'here we go again'.

The teacher's eye began to twitch. "Now listen, you ungrateful little squirt, I get paid very little to stand in front of this class and teach you things, but I'll get paid regardless. There will be no trouble for me if I throw your ass out that door."

"Well, I think that's stupid," the little girl yelled back in return, "Why don't we get paid, eh? We're the ones s'posed to do all the work and stuff! It's not fair!" She stood up behind her desk, her face set into a determined scowl.

"Now you be silent!" The teacher stood up as well, digging her nails into the side of her desk in the way of someone trying to contain their anger.

"No I won't!" Len hopped onto the ground from behind her desk, marching resolutely towards the teacher. Troy saw this all happen, and, out of some strange, distorted sense of duty, followed her, trying to mimic her movements but failing. A little boy looked a tad bit silly trying to place his hands on his hips.

The tall teacher seemed about ready to explode, thwapping her ruler down against the wood again. "Sit down, and be silent." Len rolled her eyes, crumpling up some paper in her hand.

"No." And then she threw it into the teacher's face.


Behind his desk, Goten blinked.

Out in the hallway, Len glanced up at Troy. Troy glanced back, finding himself back on familiar territory. With pissed-off teachers arguing with equally pissed best friends, he couldn't cope. With anger, he could.

"What did I do?!" he asked, his eyes twitching, his hands finding the girl's shoulders and moving to shake them roughly. "Why do I always get into trouble around you? Why me?!" Halfway through, his voice turned into a high-pitched whine, leaving Len to wonder if someone had stuck a balloon in his throat.

"What," she asked, carefully formulating her answer and looking up at the taller child, "Does 'fuck' mean?"

Nicki smiled at Goten. "I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.. Those things always happen with those two. Can't stay outta trouble." She reached out to give Goten one half of her small headphone-plugs. He shot her a questioning look.

"It's for a radio." she clarified, "Ms. Rasker is too boring." The little boy gave a quick nod, before taking the plug and putting it in his ear.

It took him a few moments, but he finally said something. "So they don't like school, then?"

The girl gave a shrug, and then replied, "Len doesn't like much of anything, I think. Troy just always follows her.. Dunno why he does it, he's kinda stupid like that, I guess." She smiled.

He nodded again. "I don't get that. How can you not like so much stuff?" He tried to focus on the music entering his ear, but it wasn't really that interesting at all. Kind of boring.

"It's Len. You ask, you get hit on the head." Her voice sounded like it was the most obvious thing in the world, and he was stupid for asking. Wisely, the boy decided not to go on with this line of questioning.

Instead, he turned to other things. "My mom made us go there. My dad didn't want to.. Have I told you 'bout my dad? He's really, really, really cool.. Always takes me everywhere and stuff. My brother used to be cool, but now he's really stuffy and stuff." The radio flicked on to another song.

Nicki moved to answer, but then she recognized the music. "Oh! This is my favourite song! They don't play it that often, though.." She grinned, before singing along, softly, perfectly in tune. "Because when I'm with you there's nothing I wouldn't do, I just want to be your only one.."
The second time that same verse came along, Goten had already caught on to the song a bit, and he joined Nicki. "I'm grasping out at straws thinking back to what I saw. That night on the floor when we were all alone…"
As the song ended, Nicki stared at Goten for a long time. He wiggled in his chair a bit. "What is it?" All this looking made him uncomfortable.
"You sing really good." she finally replied, giggling a bit when a blush crept up the little boy's cheeks. "Maybe we could make music one day.. I dun' like singing so much, though.."
He moved his eyes from Nicki to his hands, willing the warmth to retreat from his face. "You could play an instrument.."
The girl cocked her head to the side. "I dunno. Maybe I could." She seemed to take this into consideration for a minute. "Nahh, not now.. I could never get that good at anything.."
"Maybe or maybe not." Goten felt a strange urge to slap himself over the head for sounding so much like his brother. "Wanna come visit my home today?"

Goku put his key into the lock and pushed open the door. Stepping inside, the shouts of his wife were the first thing to greet his ears.

"Goku! Is that you? Where on Earth have you been?!"

Strolling through the hall, he paused and waited as Chichi appeared from the kitchen, frying pan in hand. Opening her mouth to continue shouting, she stopped dead when the sight of her scantily clad husband greeted her eyes.

Goku smirked as Chichi's mouth opened and closed in an attempt to speak. Strolling forward towards the kitchen, he broke the silence first.

"Good news, Chichi. I found a job."

Not waiting for a response, he walked into the kitchen to greet his son, chuckling to himself at the reply.

"WHAT?! Goku! I demand you come back here this instant!"

Ignoring her, Goku stopped behind Goten and covered the demi-saiya-jin's eyes.

"Guess who, lil guy?"


Goten turned around and threw his arms around Goku's neck, glad to finally have the less stricter parent back. Sniffing, he pulled back and took a long look at his father, trying to distinguish the scent covering his body.

Eyes widening, he looked over his elder counterpart in surprise, staring at the drastic change in clothing. Looking up, he noticed a new look in Goku's eyes, the Son family naiveté no longer shining in them.

Goku looked down at this son for a moment, ruffling the dark spikes on the boy's head before looking over the three children sat at the table. To Goten's left sat a young girl with dark hair, grey eyes staring at him in wonder, opposite her a young boy with glasses sat staring at him, eyes widened to the point of looking ready to pop out. Next to him, another young girl with long brown hair eyed him over her food, sitting back in thought for a moment before speaking.


Grinning, Goku gently ruffled Goku's hair again and stalked out of the kitchen towards the bedroom. Unbuttoning his shirt as Chichi followed behind him, demanding his attention once again.

"Well? Goku! Are you going to explain why you didn't come home last night, then show up dressed like a…whore!"

"Shh, Chichi. The kids might hear you." Goku chastised as he stalked into the bedroom, letting the shirt slide off his shoulders.

Chichi stared, shock silencing her for once as Goku toed his boots off. Keeping his back turned to her, he eased his shorts off, wiggling a little to pull the skintight material off.

The black haired woman in the doorway continued to watch as more and more of her husbands skin was revealed. Frowning, she focused on his backside, which was now presented to her, the skin around a very delicate area looked unusually red and sore…

Giving herself a mental shake, she blinked a few times and regained her lost powers of speech.

"Goku! Cover yourself up, we have guests and you didn't even bother to close the door!"

The Saiya-jin turned slightly, not moving from his bent over position as he slid one of the stockings down his leg.

"Well you were following me in, it would have been rude to close it in your face. I just thought that you would close it after you, no one stopped you…" Goku replied, staring at Chichi through half lidded eyes for a moment before going back to undressing.

Lost for words, Chichi glared at her husband's backside, before storming out the room and slamming the door behind her.





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