The Birth of an Empire

The Birth of an Empire

Chapter 3




As he slowly regained consciousness, Goku became aware of a sharp throbbing in his head, accompanied by an annoying noise in the background. Moaning quietly, he covered his face with his hand to block out the light as he struggled to open his eyes.

The background noise grew in pitch at his movements, words slowly starting to form as his head cleared.

"Goku, my baby! Are you OK?! I didn't mean to hit you so hard! Say something!"

"Mehra mok teh hre!"

Chichi fell silent and Goten stared as the collection of guttural growls fell from Goku's mouth. Baring his teeth, he rubbed the sore spot on the back of his head, ignoring his wife and son as they continued to watch him.

"Goku...?" Chichi began.


Falling silent once again in astonishment, Chichi didn't move as Goku pushed himself to his feet. he shook his head a few times to clear it, then turned around to look at his wife and son.

Frowning, he stared at each person in turn. First of all the woman on the floor, and then onto the small boy in the chair trying to associate some memories with either one of them.

Closing his eyes as a wave of dizziness passed over him, Goku blinked and looked over at Chichi and Goten, wondering how he got up from the floor. Blinking, he turned his thoughts inwards to the chaotic swarm of memories and information churning around inside his head.


Pausing, he looked over at Chichi, just in time to see her adopt the usual stance; feet apart, hands on hips with pan in one and an angry look on her face.

"What is it Chichi?" Goku asked, clutching at his head as the images continued to swirl through his mind.

"Well aren't you going to apologise for shouting at me like that?"

Placing a hand on the nearby worktop, Goku took a few deep breaths as his mind blurred into chaos again.

Seconds later, a crystal clarity settled over his mind, the sensation of waking from a dream after a long sleep startling him. Previously unknown information running freely through his mind as if it had always been there. Information on his home planet, language, his family, the royal family, Vegeta...

At the thought of the other Saiya-jin, he let his mind wander away from Chichi's screeching. Pleasant thoughts of the saiya-jin Prince filling his mind, until the background noise reached a crescendo.

"Shut the hell up woman!" A growl. "I'm going out to think!"

Leaving a stunned Chichi and a gawping Goten, Goku stormed out of the room, unconsciously edging his gi bottoms down to free his tail.

Bulma flopped down on the couch and took a deep breath. After several meetings with some of Capsule Corps executives, she had mentally tired herself out through dealing with this problem or that. A quick moment of understanding Vegeta's usual approach to life flashed by, before being replaced with the relief of being alone in a quiet room.

The peace didn't last long before the doorbell rang. Sighing and grumbling to herself, she stood up and made her way to the door. Grasping the door handle, she opened her mouth ready to bitch at the unfortunate soul on the other side of the door.

The words caught in her throat, however, when the door finally opened.

Goku stood on the doorstep, calmly looking at her while she gaped at him. Or more accurately, the outfit he was wearing.

Replacing the usual orange and blue gi tops, a semi-transparent shirt covered his chest, the top few buttons open to expose some of the muscular chest beneath and showing the spiked dog collar around his neck, silver hoop for attaching a clip dangling in the centre. Lower down, a pair of black, very short, shorts covered very little of his thighs, a chain dog leash clipped onto the hem. Adorning the lower part of his legs, some fishnet stockings came to just above his knee, the outfit finally tipped off by a pair of black combat boots.

"Mum! Did you get the door?" Trunks' voice sounded out through the house as he rushed to the front door, stopping short when he saw Goku. "Holy shit!"

Even this wasn't enough to shock Bulma from her almost comatose state of staring.

Goku looked back and forth between Bulma and Trunks, eventually deciding that he'd get more of a reaction from the young demi saiya-jin.

"Trunks, is your father home?"

"Um...yeah...DAD!" Without taking his eyes from Goku, Trunks yelled for his father.

"What is it Trunks?" Vegeta walked through from the kitchen, eyes drifting to his son, then over to Bulma, then to his rival.

Promptly dropping the cup in his hand, he said the first thing that came to mind.

"Holy shit!"

Looking over at Vegeta, Goku bowed his head slightly in greeting.

"Tehr-orr, rrah Tehra, mro haa eprri?" ("Hello, my Prince, are you busy?")

The already wide-eyed Vegeta stared at Goku, eyes widening that bit extra as the saiya-jin language fell from his mouth.

"No, Kakarrot. I'm not."

"Then may we go some place to talk. Alone."

Vegeta continued to stare for a few more moments before nodding.


"So you remember everything, Kakarrot?"

"Yeah, it's strange. Chichi got mad at me and hit me with her frying pan, right here," Goku lifted his hand to rub at the patch of skin on the back of his head. "And then it was sore, but my head went really funny and I think it almost exploded. then I passed out."

Vegeta continued to listen in silence, walking side by side with his taller companion. Both men were completely oblivious each time a passer by walked into someone else after staring too long and hard at Goku's outfit.

"Then, when I woke up, my thoughts were all messed up, and for a second I didn't know who Chichi or Goten were. Then I knew, it was weird. Then chichi started whining at me for shouting at her, and then I left to see you."

Both men turned into the mall car park, neither noticing the adolescent boy staring at Goku's backside as he rode past. Only the loud crash as his bike rode into a lamppost alerted the Saiya-jins to his presence, Goku ignoring him, while Vegeta turned his head, raising an eyebrow and smirking slightly.

Turning back, he joined Goku in ignoring all hoots from cars. They had made it about halfway across when a mans voice rang through the air.

"Fucking whore faggot! Go get some real clothes!"

Goku turned around to look at the man shouting at him, eyes looking over the bald man, then over his car. Looking at the entrance to the car park, he smirked and turned to Vegeta.

"Go on in, I'll catch up with you after I deal with this guy."

Vegeta stared at him for a few moments, holding his gaze before nodding and leaving.

Making sure Vegeta was almost in the doors, Goku turned to his victim and promptly stuck his middle finger up at him, slowly stalking towards the car park entrance behind the mans car. Walking down the driveway between the parking spaces, he focused his gaze on the first car that came along, grinning when he spotted the young male driver.

Slowing his walk down, he waited until the driver looked at him, eyes widening as he stared. Holding the eye contact, Goku leant back against the car behind him, stretching his legs out in front of him, a small smile on his face as the car rolled past.

Seconds later, the car crashed into the one belonging to the guy who had insulted him earlier. Smoke rising from under the hood of the second car while the young man cowered as he was yelled at.

Laughing out loud, Goku pushed himself away from the car he was leant against and strolled over to the entrance of the mall. Quickly picking up Vegeta's ki at the food court, he followed his nose, the scent of the food mingling with his rival's scent to create an irresistible aroma.

Less than a minute later, Goku slid into a seat opposite Vegeta, his tail swishing happily through the air.

Turning his sights from the younger Saiya-jin, Vegeta turned his gaze upon the dark brown tail waving about in front of him, eyes following it's movements for a few moments.

"Kakarrot. When did your tail grow back?"

"This morning. I was just leaving when I noticed it. It's just as sensitive as I remember it too," Goku broke off his sentence, and took a hold of his tail, stroking the fur gently.

Ignoring the innuendo his mind began creating at the sight, Vegeta turned his attention to something else.

"OK Kakarrot, maybe you can explain to me why you're wearing a dog leash?"

Without answering, Goku reached down and unclipped the lead, attaching it to the loop on his neck and offering the handle to Vegeta. The Saiya-jin Prince stared at him for a few moments, not quite sure what his rival was trying to tell him.

"It's the whole master and pet thing, Vegeta. The one holding the leash is in charge, while the "pet" has to do as he or she is told."

Pausing, Vegeta pondered this piece of information over while staring at the man in front of him. Smirking slightly, he took the leash in his hand, not prepared when the low, throaty growl purr burst from Goku's throat.

"OK, next question. Where the hell did you find those clothes? I know that woman of yours didn't let you keep clothing like this at your home!"

A small laugh later, Goku replied.

"In a shop near here actually, I was taking a look around after eating something here and found it. Wanna go see?"


Standing up, Goku led the way through the mall to one of the quieter corners. The crowds thinned out slightly, the children missing from this area and the storefronts darker and less obvious

Strolling confidently into one of the doorways, Goku paused to let Vegeta take in the small store. Various items of leather clothing lined the walls, few of them designed to cover more than necessary. Towards the back of the store, handcuffs and chains adorned the shelves, dog leashes hanging from hooks underneath.

"Vegeta? Are you gonna get some clothing? 'Cos you'll need something like it where we're going..."

"And where exactly are we going, Kakarrot?"

"A club. But it's a particular kind of club."

"Hn. Well I'm not wearing clothing like yours, Kakarrot."

"You won't have to, you're the master remember?" A small grin.

A small grin in return. "What should I be wearing then?"

Holding up a hand, Goku unclipped his leash for a moment and strolled over to the counter, saying something to the woman stood there. Reaching under the counter, she produced a pile of clothing and handed it to Goku with a wink.

Returning to Vegeta, he handed the pile of clothing to him, reclipping the leash to his collar and then leading Vegeta to the dressing room at the back. Taking the handle of the lead, he let Vegeta go into the changing room himself, leaning against the doorway as he waited for the smaller saiya-jin to change.

A few minutes later, the curtain shifted and Goku's jaw almost hit the floor. Vegeta stalked out wearing the designated outfit, his usual spandex replaced with skintight leather pants, the material clinging to every muscle and curve. A loose, white shirt covered the top half of his body, the front hanging open to show the toned skin on his chest and abdomen. Studded wrist cuffs completed the look, along with the shiny black shoes that made a formal tapping as he walked over to Goku.


"Sexy..." dragging the end of the word out with a low purr, he offered the handle of the leash to Vegeta again, making sure to let himself be led outside the shop once again, eyes straying further and further down the white clad back.

Once outside the shop, Vegeta paused and turned to the almost drooling Saiya-jin behind him.

"Where's this club then?"

"This way, it should be opening soon," Goku let Vegeta lead him out of the mall, more stares following them as they left.

Once outside, both men took to the air, Vegeta following Goku's lead over the city.

Minutes later, they were strolling down a side street, Vegeta in the lead with Goku following behind, eyes never leaving the smaller man's rear. Turning the final corner, the saiya-jin Prince paused and glanced back at Goku before turning his gaze to the metal doors in front of him.

Nodding, Goku allowed himself to be led inside, raising a hand in greeting to the two bouncers as they passed. Vegeta paused again, looking at the various doors and corridors that led up and down the building.

"Where to now, Kakarrot?"

"Dance and drinks that way, sex this way, and lap dancing thata way," Goku replied, pointing in various directions.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow in response. "Is this a club or a whorehouse?"

"A bit of one, a whole lot of the other. But unless you bring your own whore, it's going to be a very expensive night."

Vegeta blinked in response, eyeing his grinning rival for a few moments while running through everything the younger saiya-jin had just told him.

"So, do I need to buy a whore, Kakarrot?"

"Why do that when you already have one?" Goku replied, trying to conceal a smirk beneath his usual innocent expression.

Vegeta smirked, giving the leash a small tug as he headed down towards the clubbing part of the building. Opening the door, a wall of sound hit the two saiya-jins, a loud fast drumbeat coming to a sharp end as another filled its place.

Flashing lights accompanied the scene; bodies gyrating against each other on the dance floor, while scantily clad men and women danced by themselves on raised podiums, hands caressing their bodies to create a show for the few people on the sidelines who chose to drink and watch.

"Wanna drink or dance, Vegeta?"

"Drink," was Vegeta's quick reply, leading Goku towards the bar for the first small round of drinks.

Almost an hour later, both saiya-jins had astounded the barman with their vast intake of alcohol. Although slightly tipsy, they still retained complete control over themselves, putting their now paralytic human companions to shame.

Goku watched the displays out on the dance floor, before turning to Vegeta to try his luck with the now less inhibited Prince.

"Wanna dance, Vegeta?"

His only answer was another sharp tug on his leash as Vegeta stood up and pulled him towards the dance floor. The music faded out into another song as they crossed the short distance to the pulsating crowd.

When you look at me, tell me what you see,
This is what you get, it's the way I am.
When I look at you, I wanna be, I wanna be,
Somewhere close to heaven, with Neanderthal man.

Pushing their way into the centre of the floor, Goku and Vegeta were immediately pushed against each other by the people around them. Falling instantly into the rhythm, Vegeta wound the taller mans leash around his hand, pulling him closer while their bodies ground together.

Don't go, I know you wanna touch me, here, there and everywhere,
Sparks fly when we are together, you can't deny the facts of life.

Goku kept his hands to himself, playing the part of doing as he was told while letting Vegeta's free hand roam over his back, fingers stroking his spine through the thin shirt. A sharp yank on the leash bought Goku's mouth crashing against his own, mouths open instantly as tongues caressed.

Pulling away as the music changed, Goku let out a small moan as the wriggling body of the person behind him brushed up against his tail, pushing him even closer to Vegeta. Bodies melding together, the thrusting of their hips taking on a rougher, irregular beat to match the music.

I know I may come off quiet
I may come off shy
But I feel like talkin', feel like dancin' when I see this guy
What's practical, what's logical, what the hell, who cares
All I know is I'm so happy when you're dancing there

Gasping as small bolts of lightening ran up his spine every time someone brushed up against his tail, Goku tilted his head back slightly, moaning under his breath. Vegeta slipped his hand down Goku's back once again, wrapping his fingers around the base of his furry appendage, running his fingers over the soft fur.

Bringing his head forward again, Goku leant his forehead against Vegeta's. Dark eyes burned into each other for a few moments, breath mingling until an idea struck the taller of the two.

Dragging Vegeta back through the crowd once again, he veered off to the side strolled straight through another metal door, into another dark room. Lights continued to flash, but a backdrop of dim lights made sure the men and women in the seats were able to view their shows properly. Pulling him over to a table, Goku pulled the seat out and waited expectantly.

I'm a slave for you
I cannot hold it, I cannot control it
I'm a slave for you
I won't deny it, I'm not trying to hide it

Seating himself down at the table, Vegeta didn't take his eyes away from Goku as the younger man climbed onto the makeshift stage. Kneeling on his hands and knees, Goku stared into Vegeta's eyes for a moment before slowly shaking his butt to the music, waving it side to side in a relaxed manner.

Resting all his weight on his arms, he brought his legs forward so that he was sat on the edge of the table. Sliding off, he straddled Vegeta's legs and seated himself in his lap, rubbing his erection against the saiya-jin prince's crotch.

Leaning forward, he brushed his lips against Vegeta's in a chaste kiss before pushing himself up. Spinning around, he placed his hands on the edge of the table, and sat himself back rocking his hips from side to side, making sure to brush his rear over Vegeta's growing arousal.

Looking over his shoulder, he smirked before leaning back further, pressing his backside more firmly against the other saiya-jin's crotch. Wiggling around a little longer, he pushed himself back onto the table back onto his hands and knees while still facing away from Vegeta.

Waving his rear back and forth, he grinned as he felt Vegeta's eyes on him, most likely attached to his arse as the material on the shorts rode up his thighs a bit further. Lowering his tail, he brushed the tip over his rivals face, pausing it a moment over his lips in invitation.

Slowly turning himself, he lowered himself until he was sprawled out on his back, knees in the air as he opened his legs slightly, letting his tail slide through. Resting his head on one arm, he looked over at Vegeta while his free hand stroked his chest through the thin shirt.

Running his tail over the now obvious bump in his shorts, Goku moaned loudly, not taking his eyes off Vegeta. His hand stopping to pinch at his nipples, rubbing the small nubs between his thumb and forefinger, breathing speeding up in unison with the thrusts of his tail.

Without warning, Vegeta stood up and pulled Goku to his feet. Dragging him out of the room and through the dance hall, he stalked out into the corridor and paused.

"I want a room. NOW."

"Right up there," Goku replied with a grin, pointing up a flight of stairs.

Without a word, Vegeta almost jogged down the hallway and up the stairs, a very happy and very aroused Goku trailing right behind him.

Baby, don't you wanna dance up on me
To another time and place
Oh, baby, don't you wanna dance up on me
Leaving behind my name and age
Like that. You like that?
Yeah. Now watch me

Wide eyed and slack jawed, Yamcha pushed his way past the bouncers at the door and out into the street. Pausing to breathe in the cool air, he tried to force his mind to work again after the events he had witnessed inside the building behind him.

Sat in the lap dancing part of the club, he had been glancing over the rest of the occupants of the room while his own "slave" for the night had gone to fetch some drinks. When the door had opened, and two familiar haired spiky men had strolled in, his first thought was that his drink had been spiked.

Less than a minute later, he discarded this thought due to the fact that no drug in existence could make him hallucinate the scene in front of him. He stared, mouth open as his friend Goku, the wide-eyed nave man he'd known for longer than he cared to remember, began to pretty much masturbate on the table in front of the man who had been responsible for his death.
Minutes later, both men had left the room in a hurry leaving him stunned and speechless, even when his red haired slave returned and situated herself over his lap. Torn between shock and an undercurrent of arousal, he had ended up paying the woman with him for the nights services and leaving.

There were few things Yamcha knew for sure about life, but one thing was abundantly clear in his brain at the moment. He could really use a drink.




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