Nevergoinghome began in the beginning of 2002 and went through various cast changes until they settled on a five member piece. Brandon Bailey on drums, Joey Banks of bass and backup vocals, Maneli Djamal on lead guitar, Matt Prindle on vocals, and Weslee Wright on rhythm guitar. Nevergoinghome was orginally started by Matt, bassist of Beg To Differ, and lead vocalist Joey Banks. They both decided it would be great to break apart  from their punk roots and move onto more emotional and serious music. Quickly recruiting Maneli as lead, Nevergoinghome found the rest of the cast of their new project and began to play in early Feb. 2002. Songs were made and practices began weekly. Nevergoinghome has recently performed at Graffiti's Bar & Grille, Scholtz's Beer Garten, The Flamingo Cantina and McNeil Park. They recently recorded a professional quality demo which they will hand out freely to anyone wishes to own a copy.
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