"I am responsible for the lead vocals in Nevergoinghome. I am also usually the one to get the band to stop fucking around at practice and play a song. Oh yea and the band was half my idea. The most important thing about making music to me is to be able to connect with people you've never met. I was born on December 2nd, 1984 and that makes me the second oldest. Right now, my favorite bands include The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Converge, Thrice and Recover, although I have to hail Deftones and The Refused as being Kings. My Inspiration comes from the fact that without being able to let out anger and frustration, as Nevergoinghome allows me to do, I would not exactly be the mentally healthy person my friends know me as today. I think the greatest thing in life is being appreciated."
Matt Prindle - Vocals
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