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Upcoming Shows: The Vibe - December 23rd - 8:00pm - $5-$7

December 21, 2002
So the show last night went pretty well, we rocked, it was fun and we hope that everyone will come out to the show on the 23rd since this may be one of our last shows, talk to us to find out why. So we would appreciate it if everyone could please make it to the show, we go on at 8:00pm and please support us, we're trying to record a demo within next month. Keep rocking.

December 12, 2002
Alright, so we have a show on Monday December 23rd, thats when school is out. PLEASE PLEASE make it and support us so we can have a major rocking show. We play at 8:00pm sharp so be there at 7:30pm, the cost will most likely be $5.00 - $7.00. Again, please try to make it.
Peace and Rock
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