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In this section, I'll show you how to create navigation bars, or whatever you want to call them, like the one you see at the top of this page. Actually it's sort of a combination navigation bar and banner in one. As you surf around to various sites on the web, you'll see all different variations of these, and some can be pretty creative, like the one at Jasc's home page- the people who make PaintShop Pro.

All of these navigation bars require that you create an image map. Since you're creating one image, you need to designate the "hot spots" on that image that will be the links to the various destinations. Any good HTML editor can do this for you without too much difficulty. If you're coding the HTML by hand, it's a bit harder, so if the idea of creating an image map intimidates you, or if you just want to create simple buttons, then you can skip to another tutorial. I hope you'll take the time to learn this, however, because this is one area where you can let your creativity run wild and produce something really unique for your site. 

NetStudio's features lend themselves to being able to do a lot with navigation bars and banners. Specifically, you can create a lot of different types of shapes, then manipulate and move those shapes until you get everything looking just the way you want. One of NetStudio's most powerful features is the ability to fill an object or text with an image, giving you infinite possibilities for how your objects can look. For example, part of the image at the top of this page was filled with a texture that gives it that 3D wave look. In the second tutorial, I'll provide you with a link to a great site that offers all sorts of textures like sand, water, bricks, and wood that you can use to fill the objects you create in NetStudio.

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