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This page will show you more stuff that I've been able to do with NetStudio. Like making a cigar, for instance...

At this point, you should have read through the other tutorials, because I'm not going to explain the steps of how to fill an object with a color or apply a fade or any of those other things I've already discussed elsewhere on this site. I just want to show you a few things I've created in NetStudio to give you some more ideas of what you can do. If you've worked through the other tutorials, you can probably figure out how the cigar was made. The INSERT SHAPE feature gave me the shapes I needed, then I just resized them to the proportions that I wanted and filled them with the appropriate colors. For the burning ashes on the end of the cigar, I used the SOFTEN EDGES feature and layered different colored shapes on top of one another until it looked like what I wanted.


Add some humor to your web pages by creating some cartoon balloon features like the ones you see here. Net Studio has several "Callouts" as they call them, in the INSERT SHAPE features. Or create your own, like I did on the right.

The image below is a screenshot from a game, GP 500. I added a filter from PhotoShop and used one of the callouts in NetStudio for the caption balloon.





Here's another Navigation Bar I created using various shapes and colors to represent the earth, the sun, the sky and clouds:

I'll be adding more to this section of the site as I come up with more ideas. Meanwhile, have fun playing with NetStudio, and feel free to E-mail me your creations. If they're good, I'll post them on this site. 

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