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Network for Environmentally- & Socially-Sustainable Tourism (Thailand)

About NESSThai

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  Our Vision Our Vision

Our vision is one of a network of individuals, groups, and organisations working in or with the tourism industry, and sharing a common understanding of the value of diversity of all kinds. We include in this vision for a network, the many tourists and travellers who visit Thailand, and the communities who live in the places which sustain the industry. We are just beginning, but we have many hopes for the future, so please bear with us as we grow and mature.

  Why Tourism Why Tourism

The idea for this Network arises out of a recognition of the damage which tourism as an industry has caused in many parts of Thailand, and other parts of the world. It futher recognises that, notwithstanding the problems which tourism has brought to Thailand, it also brings with it the potential for several benefits for sustainable development. While we recognise that the tourism industry as it currently operates seldom offers real opportunities to interact across cultures, or to learn more of different environments, we also know that each tourist or traveller, as an individual, has the capacity to make individual choices about how he/she gains from his/her visit.

  Towards Sustainability Towards Sustainability

This Network was created with the fundamental belief that for tourism to be a sustainable industry, it must encourage respect for differing cultures and environments among all participants; and operate at levels and in a manner appropriate to the very environment which is sustaining the tourism operations. This "environment" comprises the natural, historical and socio-cultural features of a given area which make it exotic, or attractive, and thereby create a "tourism opportunity".

If you have visited Thailand and have experiences to share, or if you have any ideas or thoughts about tourism and the environment or local communities, and you would like to share them with us please contact us at our email address. If you are working in a similar area, we would be very happy to hear from you. We are always open to exchange of ideas and concepts, and look forward to building opportunities for co-operation.

NESSThai Today NESSThai Today

Click on the link above to read more about NESSThai, i.e. where we are based and what we are doing now...

NESSThai Builders & Collaborators

For more information about individuals working with NESSThai see: NESSThai Builders & Collaborators

Please contact us if you have any comments on our activities, programmes, information provided, or on the web site in general. While we may take a little time to respond, we do endeavour to respond to all correspondence.


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