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Network for Environmentally- & Socially-Sustainable Tourism (Thailand)

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NESSThai Highlights brings you up-to-date with our new pages and features. Check back regularly to see changes.

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NESSThai Archives We've archived our FIRST newsletter, which gives details of NESSThai's activities in the Habitats programme, and one of the group maps created by the children of Chian Yai Secondary School, Bo Lo, Nakhon Sri Thammarat province. The newsletter is in PDF format, and the map in JPG, but be warned both are large files.


Photo Gallery Finally, we've finished a thematic section on fisheries. This photo gallery theme deals with problems of over-fishing and destructive fishing, and draws attention to the recent protests by small-scale fishing communities in Thailand against night-time fishing of anchovy with powerful lights. 14/8/99
About Thailand We've uploaded an information section on limestone karst - something very appropriate for Krabi, an area famous for its fantastic limestone formations.

Also in About Thailand, we've uploaded a feature on mangroves.


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