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    During June, 1999, I had the rare honor of seeing the elusive Loch Ness Monster - not once, but several times, via a live web cam at Loch Ness Live. After I learned how to take a screen shot, I took several very interesting pictures of Nessie. This site is a tribute to the many Lake Monsters out there, because the world refuses to accept these creatures as a new species. A mystery is more exciting than the real thing.

    NEW! September 7, 2004Something to think about!

    My Family and I saw Nessie several times during the week of June 5, 1999 on the live web cam at Loch Ness Live and I was obsessed with finding out what it was that we had seen. I have met and talked on line to several people deeply involved with water cryptids (unknown water creatures). Right after my sighting I was given the great honor of talking briefly to Robert Rhines on the telephone. I say briefly because no one gave me warning he was calling and all I could do was stutter like some teenybopper would have done with Elvis on the other end of the line. It was very embarrassing, here was the great monster hunter on the other end of the phone and all that came out of my mouth was babble. He probably thought I was an idiot. I have also talked in great length to Arlene Gaal, Dennis Hall, Gary Campbell, Loren Coleman, Jan Sundenberg, and Gavin Joth. Some of these people were supportive and tried to be helpful, others made me feel incompetent but none of them had the answer. I had to find answers that no one could give me.

    I have been doing heavy research through the Internet for the past 5 years. It has been a long journey, but one that has been fulfilling and interesting. During my research, I found many lakes with the same kind of creature, the same sightings and the same mystery surrounding them. I came to the conclusion that these creatures had to be in the same family. Although many of the descriptions from witnesses were the same, there were a few differences, such as head shape, color and length. I looked at sturgeons, whales, extinct dinosaurs, dolphins (past and present), eels, seals, and everything that anyone has concluded these animals to be.

    What made it rough for me is; I know what I saw. Nothing fit. Until the other night. I came upon some pictures of a fish that is already known to man but very rare. Not only does it fit what I saw and pictures of what my family and I have taken, it also fits Cadborosaurus, Champ, Ogopogo, and the others that are so close to being like Nessie.

    I have put the pictures up here for the world to see beside pictures of Nessie, Ogopogo, Champ and others.

    I am not 100% certain; I would be a fool to say I am. I am just saying this fits the descriptions a lot better than sturgeon, seals, or eels. There isn’t much to go on because these fish are rare and there are three ifs that need answering that would make it conclusive for me: If they can grow to 15 foot (one specimen of the same family – the Oarfish – was estimated to be 30 feet long), dance on the water the way dolphins do, and are in the lakes these animals inhabit, then here is our sea monster, people.

    Meet the King of the Salmon, the largest of nine known species of ribbonfish: non-dangerous, recreational, bottom feeding, with great changes in appearance because of allometric growth (different body parts, such as the head or “snout” grow at different rates), etcetera.

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