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My Loch Ness Experience

    I took many pictures during the time the web cam was running. A few humps, splashes,sprays and pop ups that are interesting. I also took pictures of boats, birds and waves. I will be adding more slowly so bookmark this page for new pictures. Here are a few pictures taken over the course of 5 years on Loch Ness.

    Here is a short animated clip I made of a series of pictures my mother took of a hump as it traveled through Loch Ness. You can clearly tell it is not a boat because boats do not submerge and get bigger as these humps show Hump Film

    Dennis J Hall Of champquest.com had taken two of my pictures and enhanced them with a photo enhancement tool This first one is of the picture my mother took at the castle.

    This is one of the strange pop ups of a hump that traveled through the water out by the hedges at the coast guard station. Dennis enhanced this one for me also. I think its too small to be Nessie unless it is just the head

    I caught this hump stating to surface here in this picture. As you can see it is just starting to break the wake look down at the next picture to see it as it traveled down the loch.

    If you look close you can see a long object that had broken the surface still moving toward the castle.

    I thought this was a dolphin until someone pointed out it had no dorsal fin maybe its a fish or a baby nessie

    a pop up at the coast guard station and a good view of where the shooting wave started in Neck shot note hedges where the water begins

    Boat taking off from Temple Pier

    Boat taking off from Castle

    Same Boat at Castle

    Pop Up



    Spray of water

    Normal sized bird flying over Loch Ness

    Another Bird

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