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My Sightings

    I was five years old when my mother started telling me of our families struggles and saga in Scotland. Of course, Nessie was brought into the conversation. From that point on I cared less about my heritage than I did about a dragon in a lake.

    As I grew, I read every book available about Nessie at school and the public library. I sat for hours with my mother discussing all the different animals the Monster could be. My Mother never shooed me away or said she was too busy to listen. We would sit for hours and discuss the possibilities. Having her guidance made me want to dig for more clues. Having her wisdom helped me learn skepticism.

    I got on the internet in 1998 , after my mother, who has been with computers since the early 60's, decided to start her own business online. The internet is very addictive and most people that surf, surf for information of interest to them. For me, it was Nessie. I looked for new pictures, articles, and anything Nessie.

    I found a site that said they had a live web camera. I was so excited, I was going to Scotland and the trip didn't cost me a cent! I went out onto the site and watched the camera for a few days. I really wasn't impressed because the camera was so slow it seemed to be still. I went back to my search for Nessie and I found the Loch Ness Live site. About two months before they set up their streaming web cam, I filled out a form so they could notify me by email when the camera was up and running.

    The First Sighting
    I didn't check my mail all the time and I got my notification on or around the 5th of June, 1999 and went out to the site. I was highly impressed. The camera was on a five second delay and I could see the water moving. The camera spans the Loch at Urquhart Bay, giving seven different shots. I sat and watched the Loch for about an hour, mesmerized by the beautiful countryside and the ripples in the water. My husband and I went outside to sit in the wading pool to cool off. We live in Texas and the nights are hot and sticky during the summer.

    When we got back in the house he went to the television and turned on wrestling and I sat back down at the computer to look at the Loch. I looked up and I saw her.

    It took me a second to focus on what I was seeing. As I was seeing her, it never left my mind that it could be a hoax. However, I don't believe it was. The web camera was pointing toward Urquhart castle when this creature that was unlike anything I have ever seen before popped up from beneath the water about a quarter of the way between the shoreline and the castle. She had a long thick neck(about 10 to 15 ft high and about 3 to 5 foot in circumference) with a massive head and jaw shaped like a horse /crocodile / dragon. She was cutting through the waters as gracefully as a swan. The waters at the base of the neck created a thick foamy v shaped wake that lasted long after she was gone. I looked, blinked (heart pounding), looked again and called my husband, Michael, over to the computer screen. I asked him as I pointed at her, "Am I seeing what I think I am seeing?" (Artist's depiction above)

    He came over to the computer, his eyes bulged out and he said ( he didn't ever believe until that moment.) "she's real, shes really real!"

    She was molted in color like a giraffe ( There seemed to be a definite pattern crisscrossing but it could have been the lighting and the water.) only the colors were burnt rust orange and green or grey and her eyes were so large, it made the rest of her face stand out vividly to me. It looked like there was a mane or some kind of fringe running down the back of the top part of her neck behind her head , but it could have been the water she brought up on her rising that gave that effect. I truly don't know.

    What I do know is she didn't look anything like a normal sized horse swimming through the Loch; that would have made her look smaller in comparison to the background and location. She wasn't a deer or a seal or anything an educated person would understand. The picture was almost medieval - she looked like a moat monster, a dragon in the water.

    Unfortunately I was very new to computers and I didn't know how to hit print screen, I was afraid to wake up my sleeping mother for fear it was a hoax and like all fishermen out there, all I have is the story of the one that got away.

    The Second Sighting

    The next night, I was at the site a little before 1:00am, hoping to get another shot at a head and neck picture. Around 1:15am or so, I watched a large wave shoot out from the hedges by the Coast Guard station.

    As a person who has seen many documentaries and has had first hand experience at fishing, I felt very strongly that it was her because it had to be something moving, something big. I followed this wave through a series of clips out to the little cove where the lone boat was docked. By then, it was 1:20am my time, and this black hump surfaced just like a hump a of a whale

    Temple Pier Sighting

    On the 11th, I was there a little before 1:00am again. This time, my mom was on the site on her computer and I was on mine with a row of kids beside me. There did not seem to be much activity but we were still watching, believe me, eyes glued to the monitor!

    At 1:21am, my time, this Thing shoots up out of the water at supersonic speed, about 15ft to 20ft in the air and plunges its neck down; we snapped - my mom took it the same time I did. It was so fast that what we have on the picture seems to be the world's largest inter tube. This is almost in the exact same spot as the hump had been. I got my estimate on the size from the size of the boat in the same clip. We were all screaming; my mother, who is 60 yrs old, almost had a heart attack, she got so excited. I mean: that big, that fast, my God!

    Here is a short animated clip I made of a series of pictures my mother took of a hump as it traveled through Loch Ness. You can clearly tell it is not a boat because boats do not submerge and get bigger as these humps show Hump Film

    Urquhart Castle Sighting

    We had been up all night, talking to the people from Loch Ness Live! At 3pm on June 12, we were so keyed up from the sighting on the previous night, we still had the monitor on the Loch when my mother caught this shot. Read the analysis done by Scott Mardis

    At first, mom thought this was a row boat. It popped up out of the water and sank just quickly. She took a web shot anyway (by this time, we were snapping anything that moved). She called me over and told me to look at the picture she'd taken. She was sure it was a boat but it had submerged as quickly as it appeared. I explained that the only boats that go underwater are submarines, LOL.

    After closer examination of the picture and the analysis by Cryptozoologist Scott Mardis, you can clearly see the head with the open mouth and the teeth, features lacking on most rowboats.

    45 Minute Sighting

    Mid-July, I was again watching the Loch when I took this picture. The unknown is shown near the shore across from the Coast Guard Station on Urquhart Bay, where it remained for 45 minutes.

    I have been asked if I think that the crew at Loch Ness Live was hoaxing it and this is my reply to that.... They would have to have an expert special effects man there. All the videos and movies I have seen on the net to date cannot move that fast. Also , even if they had such a man, why on earth would they do it at that time of day??? Don't you think they would do it early enough for others to see it? Also, why, once they knew I could take pictures of it, would they continue? Any analysis of pictures can prove if it is genuine or not and that would cost them all the money and time that they have put into their site. In essence, it would ruin them.

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