Nephrology in KFH, Makkah
Makkah in 15/2/2003.
In January 2002, Zulkida 1422, Nephrology Department In King Faisal Hospital  (Shesha), Makkah, started working as a small Unit containing six machines of Hemodialysis plus an OPD (once per week), beside covering the nephrology needs for whole the hospital inpatients.
The staff was: Dr.Hamdy Mehelba as a nephrologist, Youssof Takroony, Abdulla Oioony, Hind Kabah, Hossa Makky, as dialysis technicians. Later,2 more technicians; Farzana Akram and Sultan Alharby joined the team.
A great support for the newly existed department was given by the director of the hospital; Dr.Khaled Yassin.
Our aim in Nephro-Shesha is to try to help renal failure patients to have a better quality of life.
On April 2003,Dr.K.Yassin had left Saudi Arabia to Cairo,Youssof and sultan had left the unit to ICU. Nazma Shaheen and Abdurrahman Arrezqi,2 technicians has joined the team.
The current Hospital director is
Dr. Ahmad Al-Kharrooby, the assistants are Dr. Abdurrahman Melibary and Mr. Samy Goronfola. Our water system became now sufficient for 16 HD machines, we got 4 extra HD machines, so total is 10 machines, all of them are working efficiently. and our working duty is for 15 hrs/day beside the on call for the 24 hrs. We do about 350 HD sessions per month. This number increases in Ramadan and Haj seasons. We plan to expand the unit more and more according to the hospital needs.
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