MOMS ClubŪ of Northeast Philadelphia
Supporting Stay-at-Home Moms in Bustleton, Byberry, Fox Chase, Mayfair, Somerton Pennypack/Academy,  &  West Torresdale.
We are a group just for you -
The stay-at-home mom of today.

We are the only international support group specifically for
stay-at-home mothers,
and we'd like to have you as a member too!

All of our meetings and all our activites are during the day, when mothers need support.(kids are welcome at all activites!)

Our monthly member meeting is held on the third Friday of each month at 10:00 AM.
The monthly meeting welcomes new members to the MOMS ClubŪ and provides members with an opportunity to help with decision making in club business, and give feedback and support to our other members.

A newsletter and calendar of events is sent monthly to members, which includes activities, club news and items of interest.

A wide variety of activities are scheduled throughout the month, keeping in mind our children's ages.

In addition to the activities, the MOMS ClubŪ provides weekly playgroups. There are also several Committees.

We hope to see you at a meeting soon! Email us for location!
Mark you calendar for the 3rd Fri this month!
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We  Participate in a minimum of 4 service projects per year.
We believe in helping our community!
Some projects include:

Fundraiser Walks
(i.e. March of Dimes)

Soda Tabs for
Ronald McDonald House

Expired Coupons for Troops
MOMS to MOMS fund
Holiday Helping

Sept 11
"Thank you hero" baskets to local Fire and Police

Womens' Shelters
the listed above, are a sample of the activities we participate in, but are not limited to above. We try to do at least 4 major service projects per year, but also some minor ones in the fiscal year. Participation in the above services are not required in our chapter, but highly recommended. It provides a life learning lesson for both mother and child, as well as makes someone smile!
For more information on the origins of the MOMS ClubŪ or information on a MOMS Club near you, please visit the
International MOMS ClubŪ website.
Neither The MOMS ClubŪ of NE Philadelphia, nor The International MOMS ClubŪ endorses any advertisers on this website.
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