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New stories added 2/4/2004

Slash n 1: the act of slashing 2: an ornamental slit in a garment 3: a work of fan fiction in which characters of the same gender are paired in romantic and/or sexual situations.

Other useful definitions:

River View by Wolf
Hercules/Iolaus NC17 - A day spent by a river bank awakens an innocent heart to the possibilities of a limitless love.

The Price by Valentin
Iolaus/Ares NC17; NC - Ares exacts a high price to help a dying Hercules. Iolaus pays it without hesitation, but will it turn out to be more than he can handle?
Warning: This story contains coerced sex.
Playing for Keeps by Valentin
Iolaus/Hercules NC17 - Iolaus jumps at the chance to do Hercules a very personal favour.

Lightning II - Beloved Stranger by Valentin
Iolaus/Various NC17 - A companion piece to Lightning, set in an alternate world in which Iolaus is Ares' warlord and lover, and he and Hercules haven't crossed paths. Yet.

Measure of a Man by Valentin
Iolaus/Various NC17 - Iolaus has been enslaved, and his master has a dangerous secret identity which Hercules has yet to learn, along with the insidious manner in which he has managed to keep Iolaus in thrall. This story has been revised by the author for this latest posting.

Lightning by Valentin
The Sovereign/Iolaus NC17 - Trapped between two worlds, the Sovereign has plenty of time to think about the stranger who tore his world apart. An electrical storm gives him a chance for revenge that will change Iolaus forever -- but at what cost to him?

Truths by Valentin
Hercules/Iolaus NC17 - Hercules and Iolaus return the Sword of Veracity to the Thallian Caves, and find out some truths about each other on the way.
Possessions by Valentin
Hercules/Iolaus NC17 - Hercules and Iolaus have some issues to resolve in their relationship. Meanwhile, the two learn the secret behind Iolaus' medallion.

Into Darkness by Rudy
Iolaus/Diomedes NC17 - A "Wonderful Life" treatment for H:TLJ. Hercules has a vision of what Iolaus' life would have been if he'd never met the demigod.

The Last Labor by Rudy
D; R for violence - How "Warrior Princess" would have ended had it been written by a clinically depressed slash writer. Also, departs from canon, hardly surprising, considering who wrote it.
Warning: This story deals with the death of a main character.

Gifts by Rudy
Hercules/Iolaus NC17 - Apollo's intervention causes Hercules to re-evaluate his relationship with Iolaus. Set during 'Not Fade Away'.

Libations by Rudy
Iolaus/Other NC17 - Iolaus offers a sacrifice to Apollo on the night of Hercules' wedding to Serena.

Nine Tenths of the Law by Rudy
Iolaus/Various NC17; NC - "Hercules took that which was mine. I now own that which was his." Ares, enraged at having lost both Xena and Serena to Hercules, practices his own form of divine retribution.
Warning: This story contains violence and non-consensual sex.

Battle Lines by Rudy
Iolaus/Diomedes R - In the original version of the story (which has been previously edited and posted as gen), Iolaus and Hercules are both struggling with the emotional aftermath resulting from Iolaus' betrayal of Hercules, and Hercules' subsequent affair with Xena. Set a few months after "Unchained Heart."

Shut up, Ares by JJ
Ares/Iolaus NC17 - Ares has finally been punished by Zeus, but you won't believe what our heroes have to do to get him free.
Be Quiet, Iolaus by JJ
Iolaus/Hercules/Ares NC17 - Iolaus turns away from Hercules and Ares?! How can this be? This is a sequel to Shut up, Ares.
Mirror Image by JJ
Iolaus/Hercules, Hercules/Various NC17; NC - Shortly after Iolaus' run in with the fire Enforcer, Hera exacts mind altering vengence on the demigod. Will he and Iolaus be able to defeat the warlord?
Warning: This story contains non-consensual sex
Second Chances by JJ
Hercules/Iolaus PG13 - Iolaus is waiting for Hercules in Athens, things are going fine until he steps into the path of an oncoming thief.
For Love of Steel - Part I by JJ
Iolaus/Various NC17; NC Iolaus is in a tough situation, and is forced to face a truth about himself.
Warning: This story contains non-consensual sex, bondage and torture.
For Love of Steel - Part II by JJ
Iolaus/Various NC17; NC - Iolaus has accepted his fate but things start to change. Aquilla is not the man Iolaus thought he was and Hercules has come to town. What will the hunter do?
Warning: This story contains non-consensual sex, bondage and torture.
For Love of Steel - Part III by JJ
Iolaus/Hercules NC17 - Iolaus is where he belongs but can he explain what it is he really wants?
Warning: This story contains non-consensual sex
The Herc/Iolaus Scrolls by Euphonius
Hercules/Iolaus PG13 - A short, tongue-in-cheek look at what happens when Iolaus buys some scrolls detailing his adventures with Hercules.

Family by Euphonius
Iolaus/Other R - While Hercules is away being a god on Mt. Olympus, a travelling merchant picks up a distraught Iolaus in a tavern and finds himself getting more than he bargained for.

Closest to Your Heart by Euphonius
Iolaus/Other R - Euphonius gets involved with the so-called God of Light, and finds himself learning more than he ever wanted to know about the ways of Darkness.

The Next Monster by Euphonius
Iolaus2/Other R - Euphonius runs into the one person in the world that he never expected to see again.

As Much A Part by Euphonius
Iolaus2/Euphonius PG13 - Euphonius learns what it truly means to oppose Dahok when Iolaus comes to town to visit the original Iolaus' mother

Dead Bugs in Amber by Euphonius
Iolaus2/Ares/Euphonius NC17; NC - Ares comes looking for Iolaus after the events of "Fade Out", and Euphonius gets caught up in the God of War's plans for revenge. (Please note that this story is considerably more graphic than the others in this series.)
Warning: This story contains non-consensual sex.
Never Let Me Down Again by atara
Iolaus/Hercules NC17 - Iolaus reflects on the darker side of his relationship with the son of Zeus. M/m sex and moderate d/s.

Gymnos by Aramis
Iolaus/female, Iolaus/Hercules NC17 - Hercules opens a new gymnasium and Iolaus leaps into trouble.
War's Own by Aramis
Larabee/Tanner R - Taking a break from Ancient Greece, Ares tries to stir up trouble elsewhere.
NOTE: This is a crossover with The Magnificent 7
Having His Cake by Aramis
Iolaus/female, Iolaus/Hercules NC17 - An argument over money causes Iolaus to stike out on his own to find a job.
Hell Hath No Fury.., by Aramis
Iolaus/other, Iolaus/Hercules NC; NC17 - A woman's desire for revenge leads to serious problems for Iolaus. Warning: Includes non-consensual sex
Ponos by Aramis
Iolaus/Hercules R - Hercules faces a painful choice between Iolaus and Justice.
Sorrow by Aramis
Iolaus/Hercules R - A planned family visit turns to tragedy.
Sequel to Out Into the Daylight and Repercussions
Reversion by Aramis
Iolaus/Hercules PG13 - Hercules is behaving oddly. Sticking close to protect him, Iolaus may be in for more than he bargained on.
Protégé Three by Aramis
Iolaus/Various NC17; NC - Iolaus' divided loyalties cause further problems. This is a sequel to Protégé Two Warning: This story contains non-consensual sex.

Protégé Two by Aramis
Iolaus/Ares NC17 - Iolaus is trying to adjust to life at the Academy and to being apart from Marcus.
This is a sequel to Protégé
Protégé by Aramis
Iolaus/Other NC17 - While living a precarious existence on the streets of Athens, young Iolaus meets a potential benefactor.

Where There's a Will... by Aramis
Hercules/Iolaus NC17 - Trying to locate a prince on behalf of his dying father, Hercules and Iolaus face difficulties, both from outsiders and within their relationship.

A Golden Opportunity by Aramis
Iolaus/Various NC17; NC - Gold of any kind is always too much of a temptation for Autolycus. A sequel to Reconciliation?
Warning: This story contains non-consensual sex.

Reconciliation? by Aramis
PG13 - Iolaus and Alcmene are kidnapped by bandits. A sequel to The Charioteer

The Charioteer by Aramis
Iolaus/Various NC17; NC- Iolaus hopes that the excitement of chariot racing will distract him from his thoughts of Hercules. A sequel to A Thief's Confession.
Warning: This story contains non-consensual sex.

A Thief's Confession by Aramis
Iolaus/Autolycus NC17 - Unable to forget his feelings for Iolaus, Autolycus resolves to seek him out. A sequel to The Centaurs

Repercussions by Aramis
Iolaus/Various NC17 - This is a sequel to Out Into The Daylight. Iolaus discovers there are some definite drawbacks to being the acknowledged lover of a demigod.

The Fountain of Salmacis by Aramis
Hercules/Iolaus NC17 - Iolaus' plan to use the fountain's legendary powers to help him gain Hercules' love goes wrong.

The Centaurs by Aramis
R - This is a sequel to The Lure. Iolaus and Autolycus find themselves reassessing their opinions of each other when they are forced by circumstances to work together.

A Sure Thing by Aramis
Iolaus/Various NC17; NC - Certain that Iolaus would be "the last person to be interested in another man", Hercules is provoked into having a bet with Aphrodite about the hunter's sexual interests.
Warning: This story contains non-consensual sex.

An Awakening Jealousy by Aramis
Hercules/Iolaus NC17 - How can Hercules explain his dislike of Iolaus' friend, both to the hunter and to himself?

Out into the Daylight by Aramis
Iolaus/Various NC17; NC - Lord Demos fancies the idea of a demigod for a son-in-law, but there's one small (blond) problem to be dealt with first.
Warning: This story contains non-consensual sex.

Unconscious Desires by Aramis
Hercules/Iolaus NC17; NC - Hercules and Iolaus' friendship is tested and long suppressed feelings are exposed when a woman's plotting goes awry.
Warning: This story contains non-consensual sex.

The Lure by Aramis
Iolaus/Other NC17; NC - Trying to find a murderer, Iolaus and Hercules discover more than they had expected.
Warning: This story contains violence and non-consensual sex.

At Last by Aramis
Hercules/Iolaus NC17; NC - It's all too easy to get carried away when one is enjoying a new experience as Hercules discovers, having finally got the disobedient hunter into a position where he has no choice but to co-operate.
Warning: This story contains d&s and ambiguous consent.

Perchance to Dream By Nephele
Hercules/Iolaus NC17 - Hera teams with Morpheus to torment Iolaus.

The Fishing Trip By Nephele
Hercules/Iolaus NC17 - This was my very first slash story - be afraid, be very afraid.

Afterlife by Nephele
Iolaus/Hades NC17 - A missing scene from Hercules and the Amazon Women.

Fever Dream by Nephele
Hercules/Iolaus PG13 - An ailing Hunter talks in his sleep.

Fever Dream 2 by Nephele
Hercules/Iolaus PG13 - Continues the story begun in Fever Dream.

Misunderstandings by Nephele
Hercules/Iolaus NC17 - Can Iolaus control his desire before it ruins the most important relationship in his life?

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