Shut Up, Ares


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Hercules and Iolaus elbowed their way to the front of the crowd, both of their jaws dropped several inches when they saw what was at the center.

"Uh oh." Hercules said stopping in mid step.

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

"Oh yeah." They watched a woman rush forward striking the bound man with the handle of a home made rake.

"You! You murdered my husband and my son!" she screamed tears coursing down her face as she beat him viciously.

"Come on." Hercules said moving forward.

"But..." the blonde began

"Iolaus-come on!" Hercules approached the woman and caught her downswing. He gently removed the rake from her hands. She looked up into his strong face, and then collapsed against him in tears.

"He killed my family, Hercules. He murdered my son and my husband." shewept.

"I know but this isn't right." he said gently leading her to another woman who led her away. Iolaus interposed himself between the man and the mob.

"Hercules - how can you of all people protect him." A man missing an arm screamed.

"No one deserves this!" Hercules replied sternly, motioning to the man chained between two poles. He was stripped to his pants and gagged. He obviously had been there for a while. The people shifted angrily.

"Uh, Herc." Iolaus muttered recognizing mob justice in the making.

"Listen to me - no one deserves this. Not even Ares. All of you just go home. Leave him alone." Hercules ordered.

"Zeus himself put him here for punishment." A man screamed. Ares garbled something against the gag.

"Who are you to stop us?!" Another man yelled brandishing a stick. Herc moved towards Ares, to remove the gag if nothing else. He was surprised to be shocked, electrically shocked. Zeus appeared. Ares got a hate filled look in his eyes and fought futilely against the gag.

"Zeus - what is going on?"

"Ares is being punished. I have had enough of his lack of compassion." A strangled sound came out of Ares.

"Father-you can't do this. Ares is the god of war. If nothing else, he'll loose... credibility" Iolaus looked at the demi-god. That was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard, but...

"Yeah." the blonde hunter said. Hercules just shrugged.

"Let him go Zeus."

"Oh, I'm afraid I can't do that, son. You see although Hep made them, Aphrodite closed them." Zeus said opening his hands, bowing slightly.


"Love can open them." Iolaus guessed. Zeus smiled

"Very good, Iolaus.

"But only passions can get through the shield around him." Ares tried to say something to that which was completely incomprehensible. Zeus, raising his hands, continued "And none of his current lovers can get through the shield. Someone from the masses has to love him enough to come to him and love him."

"Love him?" Hercules asked with that 'deer in the headlight' look. "You mean, actually make love to him ... in public." Zeus nodded and disappeared. Ares ground something out that had the distinct ring of a threat. He pulled violently at the chains.

"Oh this is great, just great." Iolaus said throwing his hands up. "How are we going to find someone in this war torn village to publicly make love to Ares." The god in question slurred something out around the gag.

"Be quiet, Ares." Iolaus said.

"Well, there's got to be someone." Hercules said looking around at the dispersing crowd.

"Don't do it Bro. Let big, bad and ugly suffer." Dite appeared with her arms crossed.

"What's up Sis. This isn't like you." she turned her head in an angry pout. "What did he do this time?" Hercules asked looking skyward. Ares tried to mumble something, looking at Aphrodite.

"Shut up Ares." she screamed. Iolaus turned his head and smiled at the unusual anger being shown by the blonde goddess. "You knew Crasus was like my No. 1 dude and you killed him."

"A dina!" Ares mumbled. Iolaus sat down and wiped a hand down his face while Hercules tried to calm a very angry Aphrodite. She soon flashed out.

"Well, what do we do now?" Herc asked no one in particular, his hands on his hips. Suddenly a rock was thrown from an alley, striking the god of war in the temple. Both Hercules and Iolaus watched as Ares' head snapped back, his knees went limp and blood begin to flow from the wound. They looked at each other in amazement as Ares struggled to remain conscious. Hercules once more moved forward and once more encountered the forcefield.

"Guess you don't hate him enough Herc." Iolaus said.

"Mmph gff shh."

"Yeah Ares, right. Look just hang tight for a minute would you." Hercules said looked around.

"Look Herc - he's the god of war. He's responsible for the deaths of countless people."

"Mlm ga f r." Iolaus and Hercules looked at each other and shook their heads.

"Shut up Ares." Iolaus said turning away from him. "You can't expect to find just alot of people will get him out of this Herc. Whoever goes in there to do anything but hurt him is just as vulnerable to the crowds as he is." He turned back to the demi-god. "And let's admit that there are alot more people who hate him than love him."

"Rmtith ma koof."

"Shut up Ares." Both the heroes said. Ares eyes narrowed angrily.

"Yeah Iolaus, I guess you're right." Hercules looked around again. "Go get us something to eat and let it be known how to get him free. I'm gonna ... stay here and make sure no one hurts him."

"Hercules - that's Ares. He hasn't exactly been our best friend." Iolaus said with his hands on his hips.

"Kth ma ath." Ares screamed at Iolaus. Iolaus stalked towards him angrily.

"You know, you're pretty darn helpless right now Ares-I wouldn't go giving me any ideas." He looked back at the confused demi-god. "He told me to kiss his..."

"Fine. Whatever. Just go get us something to eat." Hercules said. Iolaus shook his head, but did what Hercules asked. When he was gone, Hercules turned to the chained god.

"Ares...I'd let you loose but..."

"Lfrs" Ares said with compassion in his eyes.

"Yeah, I guess we are. Who else...oh, I don't think so." Hercules spun and caught the arrow. Ares opened one eye and looked down. He sighed when he saw the arrow in Herc's hand. Then Ares watched as Hercules headed down the alley the arrow had come from. Iolaus came out of the tavern with some food and cups. He looked around the square.

"Where'd Herc go?" Ares gave him a look saying 'Duh, I'm gagged idiot.' Iolaus put the food down, and turned on Ares.

"I know Ares. You may have hidden it from everyone else, but Hercules couldn't hide it from me." Iolaus took a drink from a cup. "How'd you do it Ares? Huh? Is it him or me that you hate?" Ares could feel the anger and hatred radiating from the hunter's body.

"Huh?!" Ares asked.

"Don't play dumb with me Ares. Do you remember when Herc and I were at the academy. Did you ever notice I never attacked you?" Iolaus asked slamming the cup back down on the barrel. "Strife and Discord - yes. You - no. I became a warrior for you, hoping you might notice me, but Nooo. You and Herc had to become bitter enemies and I had to make a choice. Yes, I chose him-so I fought with you." Iolaus was pacing in front of him. "Tell me something - what god did I piss off as a kid? Destined to love 2 men who hate each other - neither interested in me-only for them to become lovers behind my back." Iolaus hissed spinning on Ares. "Everytime you two fought I watched - I watched until I got hard - hoping neither of you got hurt. Well, not you so much as Hercules. Every night with Herc - every single night - to see him across the fire, but knowing he'd say no. Practically throwing myself at him, dreaming of him and then when I finally accept it ain't gonna happen, you step in and surprise my best friend and his arch enemy are now lovers." Iolaus' face was red, but Ares couldn't tell if it was anger or pain. "The subjects of my wettest dreams are now lovers. I wanted you and you never even noticed me. You only saw me as a way to get to Hercules. I wanted him and he chose you!" Iolaus walked up to Ares. "Well, isn't this a surprise?" He pulled his knife and held it in his hand. "The question is: am I here because I'd love to do nothing more than plunge this in your heart or kiss those luscious lips?"

"Don't kill him Iolaus." Hercules whispered. "Please don't kill him."

"I loved you Hercules. I offered you everything and you go to him!"

"I know you love me Iolaus - I've known since the academy, but...Iolaus ...darn it. Not in the middle of the square." the demi-god cried throwing his hands up. He turned back to his best friend. "Would you believe me if I said I love you too?"

"HA!" Iolaus cried jealousy written all over his face. "Why are you in bed with him then?" He held the knife at Ares throat, a wild gleam in his eyes. "I could kill him Herc. It would be real easy right now - reaal easy."

"Iolaus - Listen to me. If there's anyone you should be upset's me. I knew, but I thought it was wrong." Hercules came to the edge of the shield around them.

"You knew?" Iolaus asked.

"Mfm fadb nk."

"Shut up Ares." they both yelled.

"Iolaus, I'm sorry, but don't kill him. This is what I've been upset about. You and him. Two months ago - when we split up. Ares took me to his temple and showed me. Iolaus - he stripped all the guards and barriers down and showed me the truth. That it was me causing all the hatred and anger between us, he quite fighting us years ago. He showed me it was my hypocracy for chasing him and fighting him. The pain I was causing ... yours, mine ... and his." Hercules turned away from Iolaus. "And then he took me and...forgive me Iolaus, I enjoyed it! But he let me go saying it was my choice, my decision. I didn't know what to do." Iolaus stared aghast at his friends revelation. "I knew if I came to you, I would have to tell you about him." Iolaus stared into his best friend's eyes and knew he was hearing the truth. "I didn't think you would be able to stand being near me if you knew. I guess I was wrong, buddy. You knew and you stayed with me."

"You thought I would leave?" Iolaus asked moving the blade away from Ares throat.

"Yeah." Hercules looked at his life long friend. "Untie his gag would you." Iolaus did and after swallowing several times, Ares looked down at the two of them.

"Are you two quite finished?"

"Shut up Ares." Hercules said.

"Hello to you too. I am still the god of war you know." Hercules and Iolaus both stared at him and the chains. "Okay, so I'm not at my best, but hey ...I'm patient and I promise Zeus, when I get free there'll be Tartarus to pay for this!" he bellowed at the sky.

"Yeah right, Ares." Ares looked at the blonde somewhat mockingly.

"Does it occur to you Iolaus, that maybe you might owe me a thank you?"

Iolaus snorted. "No."

Ares shifted his stance "Darn my head hurts." Ares said distractedly. "Anyway ... does it occur to you that the only reason your cute little blonde ass isn't toast, is because I kinda like you myself? In a boy toy type of way." he added

"Shut up Ares!' Iolaus said starting to leave.

"No - don't go." Ares asked. "You may not be able to get back in." Ares shook his head trying to get his hair out of his face. "OW! That Hurts!" he said as a spike of pain shot through his head. Iolaus took pity on him and pushed the dark curls out of the chained gods face. Good, now listen to me for a minute." Iolaus crossed his arms. "Okay, so I am not the nicest god on Olympus - but..." and he held a finger out. "I am honest, even though Dear Old Dad! can't stand it - I do command some respect!" he screamed at the night sky. He looked at Iolaus and saw he was getting nowhere. "You are so cute when you're angry Iolaus." he whispered.

"Go to Tartarus Ares!" Iolaus said starting to leave again.

"Okay, Okay...This isn't easy for me!" Ares cried. Once more he shifted in the chains. "After all, I am Ares ..."

"God of war." Iolaus said holding his hand up. "We've heard it." Ares got that 'I am trying to be so patient' look on his face.

"What do you want from me?" He hissed at Iolaus. Iolaus turned to him and asked incredulous.

"What do I want from you?" he stalked towards Ares. "What do I want? I'll show you what I freaking want!" and the blonde pulled the dark head to his and kissed him deeply. Ares groaned, he had expected to get hit. Finally Iolaus released his head, but neither pulled away from the other. Ares felt Iolaus' hands on the back of his neck, the lithe blonde pulled himself up Ares body.

"Iolaus?" Hercules asked from 3 paces away.

"Oh gods, I knew it would be like this." Iolaus panted pulling his head away from Ares. His hands began to explore the chest of the bound god. He bit and stroked at his chest pushing the vest back, exposing Ares to his hands and mouth. His manipulations dragged groan after groan from the war god, until Ares was struggling against the chains, breathing heavily himself.

"Curly no-that's Ares. Think of all he's done to you." Dite cried appearing besides Hercules.

"Sorry Dite - you knew it was going to happen." Iolaus panted, his head resting against Ares' chest. "You knew the three of us were going to end up together."

"Oooh" she cried angrily. "Ares you owe me - big time."

"Free me Aphrodite." Ares ordered. "Free me and you can even redecorate my temples."

"Tempting Bro, but the card has been played. Love has got to free you. I guess it's up to sweetcheeks." Iolaus reached up and kissed Ares again, the smaller body pressed to the larger. Ares groaned and pushed back against him. Iolaus' hands were all over him teasing him. Dite laughed. "Of course, you gotta loose the attitude. You gotta come for him, and he's gotta come for you." she giggled.

"But I can't touch him."

"So improvise." she smiled wickedly and disappeared.

"Can he touch himself?" Ares asked.

"You have to get him off, Bro - good luck." Ares said several very unkind things about his sister. Then he thought for a moment, meeting Hercules eyes. Hercules was getting a big surprise tonight.

"Okay..." Ares said trying to think, but Iolaus' hands were driving him nuts. How to get the hunter off without being able to touch him. "Yeah, I think I got just enough power for that." Ares said trying to clear his mind.

"For what Ares?" Hercules asked. Ares looked down at Iolaus who was determined to suck the left nipple off the god of war's body.

"Iolaus, look at me. You want this? Hm? You willing to go with this?" the blonde nodded. "Good, then I need you to listen to my voice. Concentrate on my voice. Look at me." The light blue met dark brown. "Listen to me, do you remember the dreams you had in the academy."

"Yes." Iolaus whispered.

"Good, the one where you snuck into my temple and I came up behind you." Ares was trying to create it in Iolaus' mind, luckily the hunter really did want to go along with this. He lowered his voice to one of seduction "I want you to remember that ... remember the feel of me pinning you against my altar. How I stroked myself on your ass with my arm around your waist holding you against me?" Iolaus could almost feel it. "The way I whispered in your ear, asking why you were there. How I bit at your neck and shoulder." Iolaus' head moved slightly. "And what did you say?"

"I said I wanted to worship you." the hunter answered, he was there, all Ares had to do was keep it going.

"Yeah, stroke your stomach Iolaus, just like I did." Ares watched his hand move. "Yeah - that's it - you were hard for me, weren't you?"

"Yeah." Iolaus replied still meeting the gods eyes.

"And what did I do?"

"Your hand, gods, you started stroking me through my pants." his breathing was shallow.

"Do it" Iolaus hand covered the bulge in his pants and he groaned as he stroked himself long and hard. Then he rested it there, just covering himself just as Ares had done. "Yeah, Iolaus, mmm, was I hard for you?" He watched as Iolaus' hand dipped to his balls and then stroked himself again, groaning.

"Yes - you were pushing at me, stroking against my ass." Iolaus hand went to his chest. "You asked if I knew what I was asking for." Iolaus leaned with his back against Ares chest, stroking his cock and pinching his own nipples.

"And did you baby - did you know what you were asking for?" Iolaus' hand traveled up to his neck, while Ares began to stroke at him again.

"Yes- I wanted you to take me." Iolaus rubbed back against Ares hard cock. "I wanted that cock in me, your hands on me." Iolaus was stroking himself hard. "Oh, Ares touch me." he groaned

"Open your pants for me. Let me see you!" Ares whispered huskily. Iolaus opened his pants with fumbling fingers. Ares growled at the sight of Iolaus' cock in his hand. "Oh pretty Iolaus, you're weeping for me." Iolaus pinched his own nipples again, rubbing at them with the heel of his hand and then down his belly to again stroke his aching member. He was taking long hard strokes, his thumb running over the top of it.

"Ares!" he groaned leaning fully against him, twisting his head.

"Do it Iolaus, come on my altar for me." Ares growled deep. "Make your sacrifice to the god of war. Come for me and I'll fuck you good." Iolaus groaned thrusting into his own hand, his free hand traveling over his body, his neck, his chest.

"I want you Ares. I want you!" Iolaus cried lost in the sensations. His free hand stroked his balls, his inner thighs. "Ares!!" he groaned his head thrown back on Ares shoulder. Ares was pushing his own aching shaft against the hunter's ass. Ares groaned.

"How Iolaus, how do you want me to fuck you?" Ares dropped his head back. "You want my fingers opening you wide to take me deep inside you." Ares thrust at the hunter. "My hands spreading your legs farther apart." Iolaus hand was moving faster, his breathing ragged.

"Yes." he hissed. "I want to be spread on your altar, tied down."

"Oh yeah." Ares groaned, seeing it.

"I want to feel you push yourself, that massive cock into me."

"The burn, the pain, as I enter you." Ares whispered stroking at the ass spooned against him. Iolaus groaned.

"Yes, Ares. Yes!" Deep, hard and deep." He turned back to face the bound god. "Helpless to be taken!" His body seeking stimulation to match the fire in his groin.

"Pushing myself into you as you writhe and take it all."

"Gods yes, Ares, let me come!" Iolaus cried out.

"Beg me Iolaus, beg me to let you come." he growled still stroking his trapped member against the hunter. His face buried against his chest, Iolaus cried out.

"Ares, please let me come, please Ares, please touch me, let me come!" Then Iolaus reached up and pulled Ares head to his, groaning, sucking on the god's tongue, stroking himself madly. Then Ares pulled his head away and whispered

"Come for me Iolaus." and the blonde hunter did, crying out as he came in his own hand, milking himself, coating both of them with his seed.

"Ares." he moaned leaning fully against the chained god. Iolaus became aware of strong arms encircling him holding him close, stroking his hair. He felt the power as Ares strength returned.

"I thought I had to get you off?" Iolaus panted.

"You did Iolaus, you did." Ares looked skyward as Hercules joined the two men. Iolaus kissed his best friend and Hercules returned it with fervor. "Thank You Father!" Ares cried loudly. "Without your interference - we all would have been miserable." The three men zapped out.

The End

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