At Last

By Aramis

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Hercules wondered why he'd ever thought the hunting trip was a good idea. He'd originally hoped that a bit of relaxation might ease the tension that had been growing between him and Iolaus. It now seemed he couldn't have hit on a worse solution.

For some time, Iolaus had, from Hercules' standpoint, been becoming more and more troublesome. The hunter had never been good at taking orders but, over recent weeks, had seemed to actually take a perverse delight in doing the opposite of what Hercules told him to do. This had had the effect of escalating some sticky situations into minor crises and Iolaus had taken risks, especially during fights, that had had Hercules' heart in his mouth on too many occasions.

From Iolaus' point of view, Hercules was becoming a worrywart, overprotective to the extent of cramping the blond's style. At times it was like having a rather overbearing parent traveling with him and the hunter wasn't about to accept that kind of restraint upon his actions. In response, he had started to react rather like a rebellious teenager, determined to resist every preemptory instruction as a curb on his freedom regardless of whether the order was obviously issued for his safety or comfort or both.

The trouble, stemmed from Hercules' brief marriage to Serena. Both recognized that, but neither had been willing to delve too deeply into the issues involved, preferring to seize on the 'safer' surface aspects of the issue. Having become, for a time, fully mortal as part of the deal with Ares, Hercules had become more aware than ever of the fragility of that state and, accordingly, more concerned to protect his reckless friend. At least, if anyone had been bold enough to inquire, that would have been his explanation for his changed behaviour and he'd almost (almost but not quite) convinced himself of it.

Iolaus resented the extra solicitude. To him it implied that Hercules didn't think he could take care of himself and nobody was more protective of his independence than the hunter. All his life he'd had to contend with people underestimating his abilities because of his stature. He actually did recognize the part Hercules' experience of mortality had played in his friend's intensified concern, but he still resented it. After all, he reasoned, Hercules had apparently been content to abandon him completely for the woman and how much worry about Iolaus' welfare had that shown? Furthermore, the fact that Hercules had chosen Serena had intensified his anger. He had not trusted Serena after her attack on him and had suspected her subsequent action in saving his life had merely been a ploy to ingratiate her further with the demigod. These were good, acceptable reasons for his discontent and certainly the only ones he would admit in public.

After Serena's death, however, Iolaus had endeavoured to initiate a discussion to talk some of the issues through, but Hercules hadn't been ready. They'd patched up their shattered partnership, but had left the key things unsaid, which was probably just as well, Iolaus considered on reflection, as he didn't know how to say them.

However, silence had solved nothing and finally, relations had deteriorated to the point where the pair had almost come to blows and would have done so if Iolaus had been in a condition to get up from the tavern floor. The hunter had got into a fight with four much larger men after Hercules had specifically warned him to avoid the group who had been obviously looking for trouble.

Hercules considered he had given the advice with Iolaus' best interests in mind and was furious to find that the latter had blatantly disregarded it. Indeed, from what bystanders had said, it seemed that the blond had gone out of his way to provoke the conflict.

Hercules had seen red. He had grasped Iolaus' vest and yanked him to his feet only to find that the hunter could not yet stand unsupported. The brief cry of pain Iolaus had given when he hit the floor again had brought the demigod to his senses. In a devastating flash, he had realized that, if Iolaus had not fallen, he would have knocked him down himself. How on earth have we reached this state? he wondered. Well, no matter how (and 'how' actually needed urgent consideration, but he pushed it aside), something had to be done about it and fast before either did something they might regret.

That was when he'd hit upon the idea of the hunting trip. Some relaxation, especially doing something he particularly enjoyed, might help return Iolaus to his old sunny self. It was certainly worth a try. Unfortunately, Hercules still saw the problems they were having as centered on his friend and did not recognize his own part in them. Furthermore, he was still only dealing with the surface reasons for the problem. The main underlying cause of tension was still unacknowledged by either party.

At first, it seemed that he had hit upon the perfect solution. Iolaus responded to the suggestion of the trip with all of his old enthusiasm and wanted to set off at once. Hercules felt compelled to dampen his enthusiasm with a reminder that they had promised some assistance to a local farmer and they must fulfill this obligation first. Also, for both safety and comfort, they needed to make more detailed preparations than usual. With the onset of winter, more clothing, supplies and equipment would be needed than they usually took with them. 'Responsibility' and 'caution' were not concepts that the hunter liked, as they always seemed hindrances to fun and excitement, and so Hercules' desire to do what he saw as the right things cast the first small shadow over the expedition.

However, at last all was ready and, as they set off, Hercules was pleased to see the sparkle in his friend's azure eyes and the spring in his step. Indeed, he had practically bounced off down the trail, occasionally circling back to urge Hercules to pick up the pace. The demigod had felt a weight lifting off him as he observed his friend's happiness and anticipated the sport to come.

But things did not go smoothly for long. Disagreements soon reappeared. For instance, Hercules would have preferred to stick to known trails until they had progressed a fair distance into the bush, but from Iolaus' point of view that was no fun at all. He insisted they leave the track and make their own way. That was all very well for him. He could slip silently through apparently impenetrable bush with ease, but Hercules found that his greater bulk and inferior bush-craft meant that he was constantly floundering noisily in undergrowth that seemed determined to prevent his passage. This had the effect, as Iolaus sarcastically observed, of scaring all the game for miles. This was probably true but, as an aggrieved Hercules snapped back, it had been Iolaus who had insisted on leaving the path.

Hercules had thought that, away from other people and their demands and problems, they might be able to reestablish their old free and easy camaraderie. However, it now appeared that the presence of third parties had actually reduced rather than increased tensions. Now that the pair had only themselves on which to focus, each became even more aware of the other's annoying behaviour.

Things went from bad to worse. Iolaus always liked to travel light and he complained bitterly about the weight of supplies and equipment that Hercules expected him to carry. In return, Hercules disputed his decisions re direction to travel and camping spots, knowing how Iolaus would resent arguments over matters of bush-craft, one area in which he was certain his skills were in advance of Hercules'. Things had got to the stage where Hercules was acting perversely just to give the hunter, what the demigod saw as, his own back.

Several animals escaped because the pair could not stalk in harmony and seemed to have lost their old ability to communicate without words and to act as one. Communicating verbally was even worse. Every discussion became a disagreement; every disagreement escalated into an argument.

So when Iolaus looked at the sky and pronounced that there was a snow-storm approaching and they should turn back, Hercules disputed the statement on principle. To the latter's surprise, Iolaus actually allowed Hercules to over-rule him on this point. It didn't occur to Hercules that, loving hunting as he did, even with such disagreeable company along, the hunter had had no intention of listening to the instinct that told him to turn back and had deliberately suggested a retreat knowing the normally more cautious Hercules would reject the idea on this occasion. In any case, he knew of a cabin that they could use for shelter if necessary.

Neither had anticipated the severity of the storm that finally broke. All animosity was pushed aside temporarily as they united in their battle against the elements. In any case, it's hard to argue effectively when one's teeth are chattering with cold and one is almost blinded by snow. Iolaus was secretly grateful that Hercules had insisted they bring extra clothing and a silent Hercules felt a grudging admiration for the way the hunter led the way unerringly to the cabin in spite of the near whiteout conditions.

They were relieved to find that previous hunters had left the cabin well-stocked with firewood and had even left a pile of old blankets. Hercules' insistence on carrying a plentiful supply of food now stood them in good stead as well. Relief at reaching the cabin had led to a further extension of the truce and they worked together to get the fire going and some food cooked. Perhaps things will work out okay after all, Hercules had thought hopefully.

A week later and they were still snowbound, with the weather showing no sign of improvement. They had enough food and wood for a few more days, but Hercules was wondering how they would get through those days without a serious blow-up. The energetic hunter had never coped well with inactivity and, as one boring day followed another, his argumentativeness had nearly driven Hercules to distraction. The latter had conveniently overlooked the fact that it takes two to make an argument, and had reached the end of his tether. The hunter would have been well advised to tread cautiously, but when had he ever done that?

Finally, Hercules' self-control snapped. "Iolaus, stop being so childish!" he ordered.

"Am not!"

"Yes you are and if you don't be quiet I'll..."

"Don't tell me what to do!" the hunter interrupted.

"Iolaus, if you open your mouth one more time you're going to be sorry," Hercules warned.

"I'll say what..." However, whatever he was going to say will never be known because the demigod grabbed him and flung him down over his knee, imprisoning his hands behind him. Holding Iolaus' wrists with one hand, Hercules then used the other to remove the hunter's belt to bind them. The hunter struggled while this was going on, but was no match for his friend's strength. Hercules then flipped Iolaus over onto his back and undid his trousers, pulling them down to his knees.

"What the hell are you doing?" the hunter protested.

"Whatever I like. I've had it with trying to reason with you. You act like a child and I'll treat you like one," the demigod retorted, as he flipped the blond back onto his stomach and began to spank him.

Iolaus struggled and swore, "Damn you, Herc, let me go!" As he moved his legs parted and Hercules' gaze became riveted on his tight anus. The sight drew him like a magnet. He was mesmerized. Without conscious thought, he thrust his middle and index fingers in almost to the knuckle.

Iolaus froze and cried out in pained surprise. The cry brought Hercules back to his senses. What the hell am I doing? he asked himself. He withdrew his fingers as fast as if they'd been burnt and swung the hunter upright so he was standing between his knees.

The demigod closed his eyes and hung his head, full of shame. "I-I'm sorry, Iolaus. I don't...I don't know what came over me."

"It's...It's okay, Herc, I-I was just...was just s-surprised, that's all," the hunter stammered.

Hercules opened his eyes and realized that the hunter was standing, trousers down and hands tied, trapped between his knees, with a massive hard-on. Iolaus followed his gaze, realized just what Hercules was looking at, and blushed fiery red.

"Well at least I can see that the experience hasn't exactly harmed you," Hercules said, trying to make a joke of it.

"How about untying me now?"

Hercules hesitated and then smiled, "No, Iolaus, I think...I think I rather like you just as you are." He reached out and gently grasped his friend's penis and began to stroke it teasingly, while holding Iolaus imprisoned between his legs.

"Please, Herc, don't..."

"You don't mean that, do you?"

"I d-don't know...I've never..."

"Well don't knock something just because you haven't tried it."

"Have you...Have you..."

"Nope, but I've seen friends in action and heard them talking so I know what to do." He stood up suddenly and swept the hunter into his arms. He carried him across the room and dropped him facedown on the bed. Iolaus tried to struggle up, but his friend placed a large hand between his shoulder blades and pushed him down.

"Lie still, Iolaus!"

"Herc, please, I don't know if I..."

"C'mon, Iolaus, I won't hurt you. Just relax." As he spoke, he used his free hand to undo and lower his own trousers. He kicked off his boots and then his trousers. He then pulled off Iolaus' boots and removed the trousers from around his ankles. That done, he climbed onto the bed.

He'd said he wouldn't hurt the hunter but, looking down at the size of his swollen member and the tight anus of his friend, he hoped he'd told the truth. Some lubrication would help. He turned the hunter onto his side and pulled him back against him. He then proceeded to tease and caress the blond until the latter exploded helplessly against his hand. He gathered the cum onto his fingers and used it to coat his own penis. He then pushed the hunter facedown and entered him. Iolaus cried out in pain and tried desperately to pull free, but was firmly impaled.

"Just relax, Iolaus, you'll get used to it. It will hurt if you're too tense."

The hunter was panicking. The invasion of such a large object was frightening as well as painful. His futile struggles slid him up and down on Hercules' shaft to the immense enjoyment of the demigod. Suddenly he could hold back no more and began to slam into he hunter.

Iolaus was crying out in panic and pain, but Hercules was, at first, aware only of his own need. Then he realized the need to help the hunter. He stopped and leaned forward to nuzzle and nip Iolaus' neck and ear, while his hands cupped the hunter's penis. As he'd hoped his friend began to grow hard again.

As he pumped the hunter, he began to thrust gently. Then he heard it, a muttered "Harder!"


"Yes, Herc, please! Please! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! That's it!!!"

They climaxed simultaneously, both experiencing orgasms of such intensity that they lost all conscious control.

The next thing Hercules knew was that he had swung the hunter to face him and was kissing him repeatedly, all over his face, his neck, his chest and stomach. "I love you, Iolaus."

He heard a sob and looked up quickly to see tears rolling down the hunter's face. He was all contrition. "I'm sorry, Iolaus, I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It's not that. It's just that I've...I've loved you so long that I never thought...thought you'd..."

Hercules' mouth was on the hunter's covering it with kisses, his tongue probing deeply.

When they finally parted, he smiled lovingly at the hunter's kiss swollen lips, his tearstained face and tousled curls, his azure eyes and incredible golden beauty. "Who do you belong to, Iolaus?"



"Only you."

"And what will you do for me?"



"Whatever you want."

Hercules lay back and pulled the hunter on top of him. The hunter began to kiss his way down the demigod's body. When he reached the groin he hesitated. Hercules pushed his face down so his mouth rested against the demigod's penis. "Take it in, Iolaus."


"Come on, you said anything."

The hunter tried. He almost gagged at the size. Then Hercules could hold back no longer and emptied himself into the hunter's mouth. Iolaus went to pull back, but Hercules held his head down. He swallowed as best he could, but sperm dribbled out and down his chin. Hercules reached out and wiped his face with his fingers and then used the cum to slick his penis again.


"Yes, lie down, Iolaus."

The hunter obediently rolled onto his stomach and opened his legs. Hercules positioned himself and slipped gradually in. Iolaus began to push back even as he made his first thrust.

"Who do you belong to, Iolaus?"

"You. Only you."

Some time later, the hunter sat up and Hercules sat beside him. "Will you untie me now please, Herc."

"I don't know."


"You see I kind of like you like that for a change - absolutely helpless and obedient."

"But, Herc, I said I'd do whatever you want."

"I know."

"I could do more if my hands were free."

"I know and I'm looking forward to that, but..." His voice trailed off.


"I don't know, Iolaus, there's something erotic about seeing you tied and I'd like to explore the possibilities."

"What about what I'd like?"

"You don't know what you'd like. You told me it was all new to you, so you don't know."

"Yes, but I've made love with women before and..."

"I beg your pardon?"

"I said I've made love with w..."

"No more, Iolaus! I'm not sharing you with anyone. You have to get rid of those thoughts or..."

"Or what?"

"I'll have to punish you."

"You're not going to spank me again, are you?"

"Probably or maybe this." He pulled Iolaus onto his knee and began to tickle his ribs.

"No! Please, Herc!" the hunter begged.

"It's no use, Iolaus, I remember, from childhood, how deliciously ticklish you are." It was true. Soon the hunter was writhing, laughing and pleading, as he struggled to remove himself from the demigod's lap. Hercules found himself growing hard again as Iolaus squirmed. He suddenly pushed Iolaus to his feet and then pulled him back down to impale him.


"Sorry, Iolaus, no lubrication available at the moment. Never mind, if I tickle you hard enough you can concentrate on that."

"Please don't, Herc."

"I beg your pardon?"

"I-I'm sorry...Do what you want."

"You'll enjoy it, Iolaus."

"Not this." There was a catch in the hunter's voice.

Hercules ignored this and began to tickle ruthlessly. Iolaus was nearly hysterical, laughing and sobbing as he struggled helplessly.

Then Hercules' hands moved to his friend's groin. He began to tickle and stroke his inner thighs, his balls, anything but the rapidly hardening penis. "Please, Herc, please," the hunter moaned.

"What do you want, Iolaus?"

"Please, you know."

"Tell me."


"More tickling?"


Hercules relented and took hold of his partner's cock and began to milk it. Iolaus gasped in ecstasy and began to move in response, the motion further exciting Hercules' hard member. He fell back on the bed, pulling Iolaus with him and proceeded to fuck the hunter soundly, while lying on his side and continuing to work on the latter's penis. Iolaus was moaning Hercules' name over and over. Again they climaxed together.

Hercules withdrew. He wrapped his arms around the hunter and held him closely, nuzzling, kissing and stroking until both drifted off to sleep.

When Iolaus finally awoke, some hours later, it was with a sudden jolt. His hands were still tied tightly - nobody had ever been able to undo knots Hercules tied - and his right arm, which was underneath, was aching with pins and needles. He eased himself up and climbed, as carefully as he could, off the bed.

He hated having his arms immobilized and was desperate to free them. His wrists were sore and bleeding from his earlier struggles and his anus was in a like state. He limped across to his hunting knife and managed, with some difficulty, to jam the blade into a gap in the floorboards. He then began to saw at the belt binding his hands, hoping that the sharp blade wouldn't take too much flesh. He had his back to the bed and was so engrossed in his task that he didn't notice the demigod stirring. Suddenly he jumped as a voice said, "Iolaus!"

"Y-Yes, Herc?"

"What are you doing?"

"I'm just...the belt was...I wanted..."

"Stop it and come here!"

"Herc, I need to get my hands free. I don't like this and..."

"Iolaus, I'll decide what you need. Now come here!"

Iolaus sawed harder. Hercules rose and moved across to grasp his shoulders and pull him upright. Iolaus made a convulsive movement to try to break the remaining leather strip, but to no avail. "Iolaus, stop that!"

"Herc, you're not being fair. Please free me."

"Who do you belong to?" The hunter clenched his teeth and wouldn't answer. "Who do you belong to?" No reply. "I think you need a bit more training, Iolaus."

"Damn you, Herc!"

"Definitely more training."

He dragged the struggling hunter across to the bed and put him over his knee again. This time he spanked him hard and long, until his buttocks were rosy red and stinging. Then he tossed Iolaus onto his back on the bed. He pulled his legs apart and, putting his hands under the hunter's buttocks, angled him up for ease of penetration.

Iolaus tensed. With no lubrication, he feared the pain to come. He squeezed his eyes shut and waited for the agony. His face was white and tears were creeping out from under his lowered lids. Hercules looked down at him and felt his heart contract. He'd never treated a sexual partner like this before and didn't really know why he was doing so now.

He removed his hands and let the hunter go flat on the bed. "I'm sorry, Iolaus," he whispered and kissed him. He rolled Iolaus onto his side and then got up and grabbed the knife and cut him free. It was then that he saw the state of Iolaus' wrists. "Iolaus, I'm sorry, I didn't realize I'd hurt you. I'll get some salve and bandages."

"It's okay, Herc, I did it when I struggled."

Hercules bandaged both wrists and then kissed the hunter's cheek and cuddled him to him. "I've never behaved like this before, Iolaus. I've never forced an unwilling partner. I've never hurt a partner. I've never tied a partner. I think...I think it's just that I want you so much and in every way possible. I feel that I need to make up for lost time. I need to make you mine."

"Herc, I've been yours since the day we first met. I've never loved anyone like I've always loved you. I know I've slept with others, but that was just sex, not love. You remember when I went to the Amazons with you just before my wedding? If Ania had wanted me to stay home, I'd still have gone. She wouldn't have tried though because I'd warned her that you came first in my life and you always would... And you always will."

"What about Xena?"

"That would never have happened if you hadn't been neglecting me. I was so lonely. Sure she attracted me and I tried to imagine that I loved her, but when we started to fight I knew I'd never kill you. Can I ask, what about you?"

"Iolaus, the day I first saw you, I thought you were the prettiest boy I'd ever seen. I wanted to put my arm around you and hug you. I wanted to stroke your beautiful, fluffy curls and satin skin. You remember how I used to challenge you to wrestling matches. It was only to give me an excuse to handle you.

"I married because it was expected of me and I wanted children. I loved Deianeira, but not like I loved you. When she died, I never considered following her to try to beg her back from Hades, but I would have killed myself to join you if I hadn't got you back. Yet I never realized until Hippolyta asked me if I could ever love her as much as I loved you, that I loved you in that way.

"When I met Serena, I was attracted to her and I thought that, given time, the feelings I had for you would fade. They didn't. When you walked away from me, after our argument about the wedding, all I wanted to do was to run after you to beg you to stay, but I didn't think you'd appreciate the reason I wanted you to stay. I shouldn't have gone ahead with the marriage under those circumstances. It was dishonorable to marry where I couldn't give my heart, but Serena seemed so happy and..." His voice trailed off.

"I guess my behaviour doesn't stand up too well either, Herc. Since Deianeira's death, I've occasionally said remarriage would be good for you, but when I heard the news I was devastated. Not only were you leaving me, apparently without a backward glance, someone you'd only just met had pushed me out of any small place I had in your heart. I managed to tell you I didn't approve of your choice, but I couldn't tell you what I now knew only too well, that I wanted your love myself. I imagined you'd be horrified at the thought and any hope of reviving our friendship on the future would be lost. I couldn't chance that."

"You know, Iolaus, for years I've loved you, but I never allowed myself to dwell on a physical relationship for fear of disgusting you or frightening you away. Your friendship was too important to risk."

"There was no risk, Herc, I'd have done, and will, do anything for you." He stood, turned his back to Hercules and crossed his wrists behind him. "Tie me."


"Tie me. If that's what you want, I won't try to get free again."

"Oh, Iolaus!" He turned the hunter to face him and pulled him into his arms. "I might tie you sometimes, but it's only one aspect of lovemaking. I guess I got carried away with its novelty. I'd welcome your caress if you'd give it."

"You don't have to ask," Iolaus replied, throwing his arms joyously around his lover, "I'd do anything for you."

The End

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