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Now Introducing . . .
Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The Adventures of SatAM Man and The Nique!
Yes, I know . . . most of you out there are probably going "Wha-?! Whazzat?!", and I wouldn't blame you. Basically, it's this huge series of in-joke stories made about and for those of us over at the forums for Friends United for SatAM. But don't worry if you're not in on the in-jokes . . . there's plenty of Sonic-related stuff and potty humour to keep anyone amused for hours on end! Anyway, they've been running just on the message board since Sonicus Prime (the author, natch) started the whole thing up, but I offered a while ago to host them here on Neo Sonic the Webhog. So, here they are and stuff! Yay!
Oh, and please take note that the stories are rated R for . . . well, for very good reasons.

Notice: This website is currently undergoing a major reconstruction. As such, you will likely run into several links which do not, strictly speaking, go anywhere. This is not a problem with the site, your browser, or your mind. It's simply a by-product of my laziness and will be fixed up as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and patience,
-Roland "Jim Doe" Lowery
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Creepy, huh?

Mehca-Sonic sez:

"Man . . . Mecha-Sally is lookin' fine tonight!"

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