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Neopets is an interactive community where you have pets. (don't worry you don't have to clean up after them!) The pets are virtual.

Today! And after you sign up, join the Official Help Guild!

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Well a lot of people have asked me what are neggs, well they are like eggs cept they have stems and can increase your pets stats and help your pets. This is a pic of a negg. This is a happiness negg.

Here are some petpets (your pets pets):


Your pets take care of them, all you need to do is name it really! To see a list of al of the petpets click here.

What is neomail, well it is how neopets owners send mail! You press to get to the neomail section of neopets, the rest you will find out easily.

Neofriends are like friends on neopets, you can trade items with them and other stuff, it is really good to have at least one neofriend incase you get in trouble, like you don't have a quest item or something.

Neogreetings are cards that you send online. I really like them, click here  for the new back to school cards! 

Plushies are stuffed neopets, for your neopets! Now you buy them from the online store! 

Well guilds are like clubs. Really they are, you have a prez and other positions. It is really fun, I suggest you join one, or make one because then you can get advice from people, have a lot of  neofriends too!

Well Rainbow Fountain is new. If you sign up with one of the sponsors you get a fountain pass. You need the pass to get a color for your pets. The Rainbow fountain is now drying up!

The Rainbow  Pool is like the Rainbow Fountain, but it is older and you use a paintbrush there.

Here is a pic of a Uni that was painted:



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