You pronounce Kau like Cow.

This is a diagram of a Kau!

My fave animal is the cow, that is why the Kau is my fave neopet! I will have more info on other neopets soon!

This is a pic of Kalora, She is a Kau, who is a fantastic cheat player! Click here for more info on her.

This is a pic of Kalora Stealing Princess Fernypoos tiara! 


This is a pic of Kauvera, she is the Magic Shop keeper. She is very talented at magic. Here is a pic of Kauveras potion:

This is a pic of Kauvera picking the berries for her potion:

Click here for more info on Kauvera, click here for info on her potion.


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2 of my Kau's. Each from a different account! Click Here for a great Kau site!




Some new ice-cream on neopets!

Click here to buy some!


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