In case you didn't know, fan fiction is fictional stories written using characters from existing
books, tv shows, movies, cartoons, etc.

I write Daria, Dune, and Sailor Moon fan fiction. I've been trying other stuff, including original
stories and poems, but I'm not very good at any of these things. I work better with existing
characters, I guess.

Anyway, my Daria and Dune fanfiction appears below in all it's pathetic purple glory. Have fun
reading, and if you have time, please review my work. Thanks.

Daria Fanfics

Te NosceDaria and Jane confess a truth to eachother that changes their lives forever.
The Daria Sitters RememberDaria and Jane sit on their asses and remember stuff.
Helen's SightHelen reveals something shocking.
Fashion FearDaria has a run in with the fashion club.
A LessonDaria, Jane, and Alison learn some lessons.
Marmalade and a Pointless DreamDaria has a pointless dream, and eats some breakfast.
The PicnicDaria and Helen go to a formal picnic.
Changes and New Things, Part OneDaria reveals something about herself, several months in the future.
Changes and New Things, Part TwoA continuation of part one.
The "Making Changes Continuum" Chapter OneJake discovers that he isn't a Morgendorffer, affecting both his family and the Lane family.
The "Making Changes Continuum" Chapter TwoJane gets glasses.
The "Making Changes Continuum" Chapter ThreeQuinn gets sick.

Non-Daria Fanfics

Dune: The Saga is Far From Over, Chapter OneA Dune fic, taking place after the MINI-SERIES*.
Dune: The Saga is Far From Over, Chapter TwoA Dune fic, taking place after the MINI-SERIES*.

*These two fanfics are not based on the original movie or the book. They are
based solely on the made-for-tv mini series which you can rent at your local
movie-rental place. I don't want any email saying "That's nothing like the
book!" because I didn't make it to be like the book. I haven't read
it and don't care to, nor have I seen the first movie. Don't correct
me on spelling. You can obviously understand what each word is if you are
going to correct me, so don't waste your energy. In fact, if you're going
to make comments like that, don't comment at all or I'll block you.

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