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Image Gallery

There are two galleries here, one open gallery (free images) and the other is a restricted gallery (scans) that were done by us. This current gallery is the open gallery. To go to the restricted gallery, please click on this link: Restricted Gallery. We are currently debating whether we will create winamp skins from the graphics from our restricted gallery. If we are to create winamp skins, we will not be able to protect webmasters from using our pictures crazily. (We used to have some scans that were found on some pages distorted with our old website name on it.)

I'm sorry but if you think the restricted gallery is a hentai/ecchi or similar theme gallery, you'll be disappointed if you click through. We do not avail ourselves to such contain which can be detrimental to the actual contents of our webpage. We also do not provide alternative links to these sites because we feel we have the rights to keep visitors to our site.

Character Name Anime Name Quantity
Faye Valentine Cowboy Bebop 4
Ayanami Rei Neon Genesis Evangelion 1
Main Casts Lost Universe 1
Main Casts Mamotte Syugogetten 1

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