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Seiyuu Information

These are the great Seiyuu that brought your infamous characters to life and they are worth commenting about their work. Some still stoop lowly while some has risen to fame, for example, Iijima Mari ( ) is now an individual Singer/Composer.

People often mistaken these great people behind the scenes because they always expect them to be ugly or somehow similar to the anime characters. The actual fact that pretty voice actresses Sasaki Yuko ( ͥ) and Sakurai Tomo ( ) exists denies this assumption.

Sorry about the anticipation to the information brought to this page. I've loads of information but I lack the time to update these pages. Somehow, I managed to pull up several background information of my favorite seiyuus.

Seiyuu Name
Hayashibara Megumi
Iijima Mari
Kasahara Hiroko
Kouda Mariko
Koyasu Takehito
Sakurai Tomo
Sasaki Yuko
Ueda Yuuji

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