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Nelstar's Anime World: Your Anime MP3 Request Station

Read instructions below before proceeding!

These MP3 files are for evaluation purposes only! Please remove them from your harddisk 24 hours after you have downloaded them - unless, you own the actual records. I'll be rearranging these titles under their allocated space. Close the all open browsers and enter this page again to login to another driveway space!

MP3 Name T Anime Name Artist Name
Driveway Space 1
My Heart Iidasenai, Your Heart Tashikametai Ah Megami-sama! Goddess Family Club
Soko Ni Aru No Ga Mirai Dakara Macross 7 Flaschakaya ???
Ai Just On My Love Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Sharan Q
Kimi wa Majutsushi Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Sharan Q
Last Kiss Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Tanpopo
Sora E Romeo Blue Skies Kasahara Hiroko
Kaze no Hane Record of Lodoss War Unknown Artist
Rinbu Revolution Revolutionary Girl Utena Okui Masami
Ano Hi Ni Y Video Girl Ai Kimura Maki
Driveway Space 2
Catch You Catch Me Cardcaptor Sakura Unknown artist
Angel Voice Y Dynamite Macross 7 Fukuyama Yoshiki
Lunar Boat Song [RG] Lunar SSS [Game] Unknown artist
Friends ~ Jiku wo Koete Macross Iijima Mari &
Sakurai Tomo
Voices Macross Plus Arai Akino
Ai Oboete Imasuka Y Macross Iijima Mari
Tenshi no Enogu Macross Iijima Mari
Driveway Space 3
The Real Folk Blues [RG] Y Cowboy Bebop Mai Yamane
Mizu no Youna, Ai no Youna Dynamite Macross 7 Maria ???
Zutto Kimino Soba De Flame of Recca Masuda Yuki
Nanka Shiawase Flame of Recca The Oystars
Study A Go!! Go!! Golden Boy Golden Boy: Female Casts
Pure Snow Y Himiko-den [Anime]
Himiko-den [Game]
Sasaki Yuko
Adésso e Fortuna Record of Lodoss War Sherry
Tameshi no Refrain
(Aqua Groove Mix)
(Ayanami Rei Version)
Y Neon Genesis Evangelion Hayashibara Megumi
Renai no Sainou Y Tenchi Muyo! Ryooki Yokoyama Chisa
Tenshi no Kyuusoku Starship Girl Yamamoto Yoko Okui Masami
Yakusoku Windaria Arai Akino
Driveway Space 4
Sukisa Y Maison Ikkoku Anzen Chitai
Heart of Sword Y Rurouni Kenshin T.M. Revolution
Ice Blue Eyes Y Rurouni Kenshin Sakurai Tomo
Tactics Y Rurouni Kenshin The Yellow Monkey
Unmei wa Utsukushiku Y Sailor Moon Katsuki Masako
Get Along Slayers Okui Masami &
Hayashibara Megumi
Set me free [RG] Slayers Unknown artist
I Just Feel So Love Again Mamotte Syugogetten Sweet Velvet
Saa Y Mamotte Syugogetten Surface
Driveway Space 5
Congratulations Ah Megami-sama! Goddess Family Club
Denwa Shite Iwa Chan [RG] Mini Ah Megami-sama! Unknown artist
Y'know [RG] Bubblegum Crisis Akira Sodou
Love is Changing [RG] Flame of Recca Seita Hikaru
My Soul For You (Guitar Version) Y Macross 7 Fukuyama Yoshiki
Kaze wa Mirai ni Fuku Trigun Akima & Neos
Driveway Space 6
All My Soul Angel Links NawNaw
What's Up Guys [RG] Bakuretsu Hunters Hayashibara Megumi &
Furumoto Shinnosuke
Single Bed [RG] DNA2 Sharan Q
13 Gatsu no Kakumei [RG] El Hazard Unknown Artist
Kiss in the Dark Eretzvaju [Game] Okui Masami
My Soul For You (Acoustic Version) [RG] Macross 7 Fukuyama Yoshiki
Try Again (Acoustic Version) [RG] Macross 7 Fukuyama Yoshiki
Rinbu Revolution (Red Rose Version) Revolutionary Girl Utena Okui Masami
Driveway Space 7
Blurry Eyes [RG] DNA2 L'Arc~En~Ciel
Ippatsu Yarou [RG] Rurouni Kenshin Ueda Yuuji
Yuuki no Kamisama [RG] Tokimeki Memorial 2 Junko Noda
Submarine Street (Acoustic Version) [RG] Macross 7 Fukuyama Yoshiki
Boku wa Motto Pioneer Tenchi Muyo! Ryooki Yokoyama Chisa
Driveway Space 8
Macross Songs Macross Various Artists
Macross II Songs Macross II Various Artists
Driveway Space 9
Macross 7 Songs Macross 7 Various Artists
Driveway Space 0
Dynamite Macross 7 Songs Dynamite Macross 7 Various Artists

Coming soon:
MP3 Name T Anime Name Artist Name
Syonen no Hane Dragon Quest Arai Akino
Makenaide Mamotte Syugogetten Kouda Mariko
Doushiyou Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Yuka
Love You (Mou Ichidou) Macross 2, Lovers Again Kasahara Hiroko

T stands for transliteration and if the transliteration of the lyrics is available there will be a link. Transliteration are lyrics that are written in English but pronounced in another language. Another term for this is romanized lyrics. RG stands for request granted. If your request is granted, you'll be informed through email or icq, whichever you prefer.

"Renovation Project Millenium" has been started. Due to popular demands, they want a graphically-based website. As such, I'll be reviewing my pages from now. It'll take me longer to upload new songs as I do my best in creating an anime world. My banner will also be changing to a better, yet well-designed one. By the way, the counting of years start with "1"s not "0"s. There the new millenium is at 2001.

Send me an email
Send me an email

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