Current Kittehs
Mr. B (a.k.a. Bartleby)
Mr. B is a very affectionate cat who is accepting of other cats.  His favorite activities include sleeping, eating, and well, sleeping and eating.  He is a big fan of belly pets, including in his armpits, and will even provide a nice massage to those who pet him the best.  He earned nicknames like "little fat tuxedo" and "chubbo" because his lifestyle made him quite portly for some time.  He's mostly back to normal weight now.
Moosina is a cute young thing who is still petite as an adult.  One day I finally coaxed her (well, more like tricked her) to come into a cat carrier.   She was mad at first, but now she's a very happy kitty, lovin' the indoor life and her new brother Mr. B!  Moosina is named after her semi-lookalike, Moose.  She likes to chase her tail and sometimes she even chews on it.
Mew (a.k.a. Grandma Cat, Obese)
Mew was a stray cat who I took in after I got my own place.  Way back when she had four kittens, two of whom ended up having three more kittens together (eew) and thus the nickname grandma cat.  She is quite a large cat (large paws, etc.), and she is so fat that the vet couldn't tell when she was pregnant at first...
Former Pets
Maximus  (a.k.a. Maxie, The Moose)
Max is a very friendly cat.  He mostly enjoys belly pets, lying around the house, and purring.  He is a big fan of bread and also of junk food.  He particularly likes Oatnut bread, the frosting from Toaster Studels, and potato chips.  Moose is one of Ash's babies, though you wouldn't know it because he is much bigger than Ash.
Punky (a.ka. Miss Doo)
Punky is the sweetest cat, but she is not very kind to visiting pets.  She is a big fan of belly pets and will not hestiaate to PLOP down and demand them.  She is very talkative cat, loves to play fetch with hair ties, likes to spend time on the computer, and often feels the need to do a hilarious "butt walk" along the floor..
Ash (a.k.a the Queen, the Poof)
Ash is a very curmudgeonous cat.  She is not a big fan of cuddling and only really likes being touched on the head.  She is friendly with strangers, though - she doesn't want people to believe that she is cranky.  Ash had four kittens (including Moose and Miss Doo) but is now uterus free.
My Ex-partner and I also rescued cats, 20 total since 2003. We usually took them to the best no-kill shelter in Columbus, Cat Welfare.

Visit Cat Welfare and their online store of
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