Famous Psychologists
(by no means an exhaustive list)
William James
A generally cool dude who had ideas about just about everything behavioral.  He also had a great sense of humor.  One of the first Americans to make a big splash into the field.
Wilhelm Wundt
Often called the 'father of experimental psychology,' Wundt felt that psychology should be conduced more like other sciences and set up the first psychology laboratory.
James (J.J.) Gibson
Developed ecological psychology.  The basic idea: we can learn all we need to know about the world directly from patterns of light (or sound).
Stanley Milgram
No student can make it through intro psychology withough running in to the infamous Milgram studies on obedience. 
B. F. Skinner
Also a behaviorist, but this time using operant conditioning (changing behavior patterns through the use of rewards and punishment).
John Watson
A behaviorist through and through, his work in classical conditioning was very influential.
Sigmund Freud
I can't imagine a famous psychologists page without him.  Though many disagree with his theories, his ideas still pervade popular culture.
Jean Piaget
Possibly the most influential developmental psycholgist in history.
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