Things Perceptual
This is my page of fun perceptual psychology demos.  I know you might not think this stuff is that cool, but I am posting it on the off chance that someone is as nerdy as I am.
The center circles are the same size.  The one on the left appears bigger because it is surrounded by small circles.
The horizonal lines are actually parallel!
Ambiguous Figures
Sax player or woman's face?
If you see the black as an outline, you see the sax player.  If you see the black as shadow, you see the woman.
The Necker Cube
There are two ways to see this cube: one with the blue face on the front, one with the blue face on the back.
The Rabbit-Duck
Can you see a rabbit looking rightward and a duck with its beak on the left?
The Ames Room
Three men can't be THIS vastly different in size.  So how is this picture possible?
Above is a diagram of the room.  The floor slants up toward the observer, and the wall is much farther away on the left than the right.
Impossible Objects: they look plausible, at first...
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