RClub:Acid Jazz/Collection/Rugby(Feb2003)

Silke at the Acid Jazz Event

Yaz & Neill

Acid Jazz Singer

A great photo!!


The Crowd!!

Three lovlies!!

Neill, Elsie, Rosy & Lisa

Neill, Lisa & Elsie

Posh Spice & ITV Possie

Girls Just have to have fun!!

Holly, Susan & Elsie

What a grimace!!

Lisa, Susan, Holly & Rosy

Neill with the gang

David being interviewed

David & Friends

Davids Friends

Smell that flower!!

Girls still standing at the end of the night!!

Yaz on the phone to Caroline!

Girls watching rugby

Holly & Susan

Rosy & Susan

Two Unknowns

Rosy on top form!

Let's dance!

Let me show you a trick of mine!!

Two sisters!!

Neill, a sister & Yaz

Susan & Rosy

Kirsten & Yaz

Elsie, Susan & Rosy

Yaz is alive (photograher half asleep!)

Rosy keeps going!!


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