New Zealand

Dunedin Airport

Meeting Alison & Carla at the airport

Our accommdation in Dunedin

Speight's Brewary

The Dude Garry

A & C partying

Garry and Carla

Garry and Alison

Garry after a few beers

Carla asleep

Alison & Carla visit the Carburys factory

Neill & Alison outside Dunedin

A sleeping penguin

A sleeping sealion

Another penguin

Penguin arriving back at its nesting area

A & C in Queenstown

A, C, G, Tamzin and Leeds girl

Partying in Queenstown

We meet Timo

Neill & Garry

Lake in Queenstowm

Queenstown lake

Alison & Carla with the "Moon Unit"

Lakes near Glenorchi

Glenochi lakes

Lord of the Rings view

More amazing views

Garry not feeling too good!!

Cala pins down Alison

Carla feeling active

Lunchtime in Glenochi

More Lake views

Neill spoiling the view !!

More lakes

Alison collecting stones for the "Moon Unit"

Visiting the Queenstoen Ski resort

Where are the people ??

Is there still enough snow ??

Garry thinking about sky diving

Me spoiling the view again!!

Queenstown airport

Visiting Fiordland with the Moon Unit

Waterfall at Milford Sound

Milford Sound Lake

Sealions relaxing

Another waterfall

In the waterfall at Milford Sound

Lake of Mirrors

View at Lake of Mirrors

Another view from Lake of Mirrors

Distances from Queenstown Airport

New Zealand Bra Fence & Clarla

Alison joins in

Fox Glacier

Fanz Josef Glasier

Tour of the Franz Jospef Glasier

Into the glassier's caves

Too much ice!!

Fanz Josef's surroundings

More Walking

Are we lost ??

Near the end!!

Alison gets her guide

Sunset near Pancake Rocks

Waiting for the Sunset

How Romantic!!

Alison looking sofisticated

Are we sitting comfortably ??

A & C are in there !!

Panckae Rock Views

A & C eating in the street, as they are so hungry!

Alsion taking a break

Golden Bay...Heaven!!

Golen Bay Amblers

Golden Bay Wildlife

Golden Bay View

Golden Bay reflections

Garry romping with A & C after a night out in Takaka

Alison with a bad hangover in Takaka

Good Bye time to Bob as he begins the Heaphy Trail

Carla looking agressive

Alison at the MOTO museum in Nelson

Carla playing Volley ball with some Israelis

Carla talking to Plank

A & C looking sexy in their splash kit

The girls canoing

Water everywhere!!

Neslon Hash

A local saying "Hello"

Nelso Hash Drinkers

Crystal Tits having a bit of fun, with the locals

Italian indoctrination for Mario

Relective Hashers

Bob completes his first Hash in a long time!!

Thanks Giving Dinner being prepared

Carla shows off her cooking

Carla has eaten enough!!

One of our guests

Scandinavian guests

Garry making intelligent conversation

Neill being an idiot

Scandinavian totty!!

Everybody has eaten enough!!

Mouri Stone carving lesson

C & A having a go

Neill having a go

Bob being given a private lesson by our German instructor

Downtown Christchurch

Chess in Christchurch

Locals at Christchurch Zoo

Everybody poses !!

Feeding time!!

Cheezy Christmas carnival in Christchurch

Carla an a new friend

We meet up with imo again

Timo and Carla

Partying in Christchurch

Timo's flat mate

Picton accomodation

Leaving Picton

Wellington in view

Overlooking Wellington

Wellington view

Carla at the Te Pa Pa museum

Neill doing "Fly by Wire"

Off we go

We have lift off

Landed safely

Carla has her turn

She gets strapped in by Dino

She's gone!!

Looking good!!

Landed safely

View of Napier

East Cape 

Sunet at East Cape

Sunrise at East Cape

Still dark

Getting lighter

Sun arrives

Almost there

Great view

Even better view

Sun has arrived

Prefab on the move from Rotorua

Smoking Rotorua

More Hydrogen Sulphide

Mauri vsiion of jesus in a local church

Caral looking glamorous...Getting ready for caving

Our fellow travellers

On our way to see the glow worms

Heavy rain

Hot springs 

Pop and his wife 

Neill with Edwina Myers

Veiw of Auckland

Auckland Hashers

Feeding the penguins

Glamourous fish

We are surrounded by water

More fish!!

They look mean !!

Floating turtle

Tame Shark

Auckland Sky Tower

View of Auckland

Looking down from the Tower

Fallling Human!!

Good bye New Zealand


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