Party in the Woods & Vineyard Hash - 2002

Violinists at AB's art event

Mark getting stuck in

Adrian with Danish Hard Core

Barbie time...Drew is on hand

Ihno and Tejia

Pat and  Nancy "two holes"

Americans and locals

Two Marks with Nicole

Nicole Ewarke and Steve

Werner with a girl friend

No idea !!

Danish HC and AB

Tony and a young lady

Nicole Drew and ??

Emma and Gregor's GF

Mark tryng to look intelligent

American Hashers

Before Hash Christening

Durning Hash Christening

Concluding Hash Christening

At the end of Hash Christening

One cold Hasher !!

Hash Down Downs

You are not worthey

Please forgive me !!

I'm a Raylion !!...but I like beer

Lectrure on German wines

Ihno looking "cool"

Wolf and wine owner

Don't they look so cute together !!

Happy Amercians

We want your hair...oh Finnish Sex God

"Don't give me grief " say the poor Englishman

Show us your tits....Of course

Mien are bigger than yours

Strassen Fest in Frankfurt

One Canadian and one Pole ..what a sweet couple !!

Brazilian entertanment, German style

Germant Schlager Hits being played in FFM

Arain and Tracey...."All right love !!"



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