Madrid Hash 2002

Locals relaxing in Madrid

Madrid square

Mardid Statue

Main palace in Mardrid

Hashers get it together

Adrian shows off his muscles

Adrian pretends to fight back

Tanja gets friendly with a local

Mark looks happy!!

Hard & Fast with Side-Winder

Madrid Square

Tanja looking ready for the run

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee before the main Hash run

Tanja trying not to be photograhed

At the top of the world!

Looking over Madrid

Thoughtfull Hasher

Hashers having a rest

Side-winder is injured !!

Cherry Popper with Howler's bumb

Cut inspection time

Undertaker is resting

Hashers take a piss-stop

Party preparations are underway

The band warms up

Hashers dressed as Abba start to perform

Tanja looking thoughtful

Howler on the dance floor with Joerg (Cherry Popper)

Howler is still full of beans...

Adrian and Mark have a private moment!!

Howler needs a drink!!

Palace in Madrid

Gardens in Madrid

Rose Garden in Madrid

Mank and Adrian in an Irish bar

Your guess is as good as mine !!

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