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My Son...The Dead One
While his favorite band , U2 , played into his ears ,  
He "shot the finger" at himself....
Skipping in, and out  , and in again
Along the bounds of living life.

No need to breathe a careful breath
To inward suck the air of life
For what's the reason to go on 
And perpetrate the pain....

His youthful body , strong and tall
Ne'er embraced the thrill of life
But lived the thrills.... toward mortal ends
And cursed the careful ways....

Toward those ends he did aspire
And to them raced head-long ,
Until the day he got his way
And overshot the living edge
To be buried.... in his mountain grave.

To cry and shout , and feel his death
That soaked me in its ooze  
And rotten clutches....
Was all that I could bear
To feel.

His breath now gone , 
His thrill fulfilled ,
His pain now over ,
His band no longer plays for him ,
His finger now shoots , eternally ....
And his father cries.... until this very day.


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