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I Asked Too Much
Now I know ,
Now that it's WAY TOO LATE...!!!!
I asked too much ,
It was to be my fate .

I asked that you understand.....
Believing that you COULD .
And to reach for a higher meaning ,
Believing that someday......
You really , really would .

I asked you for those things we truly need ,
If meaning is to be meaningful.....
To live in places rare and remote ,
Remote from the commonplace ,
Removed from mankind's myopic lack of vision
And headlong thrusting toward Oblivion .

To live for Love and Compassion and Awareness
For ourselves and others.....
To know the ultimate answers
That lie within that mantra.....
And cure our very SOULS .

Your ego and vanity
Were your force ,
That consumed your very being
You have , at least ,
Felt deep remorse.....
And I feel a fool ,
For not seeing.....

Did I ask too much
I feel that must be true.....
I did ask too much
Far too much of you.


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