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Barron Flowers
You say you shed tears for hurting  me ,
The hurt you did not intend.....
Tears for the "me" you believe me to be
Yet not one... is shed for ME , in the end.....

Yours tears are for the "me" that lives in your mind
Created by your confinement , your design.....
You transcended that confinement....that confined us both
Betrayed the real "me" but cry for the one of your design.....

Perhaps you never knew "me".....
Perhaps you will never know yourself.....
And it will be only "me" who'll ever know you.....

You tell me you're so sorry
And you never wanted to hurt me.....
But that sorrow pierces my heart 
It was never mean't for me.....
But for the man you thought me to be.....

You say the flowers you gave me don't matter
The ones that had comforted me the day before ,
After saying they came from your heart.....
One day later....a different world be it
For it must be so.


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