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Combine the smoky cellars of a Weimar-era cabaret with the rock n' roll fury of Joan Jett, PJ Harvey and The Violent Femmes and you have a remote idea of what to expect when experiencing The Dresden Dolls. Ever since taking up arms in mid-2000, the ´┐Żber-dynamic duo of Amanda Palmer (Piano/Vox) and Brian Viglione (Drums) has been selling out clubs in Boston, New York and beyond. Palmer accompanies her confessional story-songs with a thunderous and shimmering piano style that rests on the shoulders of Jerry Lee Lewis and Nina Simone. Viglione's jazz and hardcore-influenced drumming and creative percussion are the perfect foil, providing in turns a delicate cradle of rhythm and a piercing bed of nails onto which Palmer lays her raw, tragicomic lyrics. The recent release of their debut album, produced by Martin Bisi (Swans, Sonic Youth), has won the band accolades from both mainstream and underground media, and it appears that the Dolls are poised to transcend cult status and smash all commonly held ideas about what a rock band is supposed to be. Their awe-striking live energy and singular look has earned them opening slots for Beck, the B-52s and Jane's Addiction, a tour with the Legendary Pink Dots, a victory in the 2003 WBCN Rock and Roll Rumble and a quickly growing army of devoted fans from ages 5 to 85. Ever looking forward, The Dresden Dolls are preparing to record new material with acclaimed local producers Sean Slade and Paul Kolderie (Radiohead, Courtney Love).


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amanda and brian formed the dresden dolls in 2000 after meeting at a halloween party. ( tehcnically the night before halloween). brian was already in a band as an indentured bassist, and amanda was solo, having already released some demos.

brian made amanda a tofu dinner, and the two began a partnership by combining palmer's piano and vocals and brian's percussive beats. the released a self titled CD in 2003, after playing aroun the boston area for two years. the duo also released a collection of live recordings titled 'a is for accident'. they are in the process of touring and recording another album (slated to be released late 2005).

      Amanda Palmer ( writer, composer, piano, vocals, toy pianos )
      Brian Viglione ( percussion, drums, acoustic guitar, backup vocals )
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