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LAST UPDATED:  10 . 04 . 04
+ NECKS CRACKED SIDEWAYS: A Dresden Dolls Fan Site

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+ 10.04.04   Added more lyrics, and the 'Audio page' is now up. Added a couple album reviews, and updated
                    the unreleased/covers list. Hm. What else...OH! Links are now up. Yes.

+ 09.29.04   Added two interviews, under the About the band page (also, coming soon: faq, and some more
                    stuff. The discography has also been updated (already...), and let's see. Upcoming shows have ?
                    been posted to the right. I think that's about it for now. today = the show in belgium, for all the
                    people in belgium..which i'm assuming are few that would find this site...but that's just me.
                    Also: Links are up, the FAQ is completed, some lyrics are up, posted more under 'audio'.
                    But yeah.

+ not associated with amanda, brian or 8 ft. records. no copyright infringement intended. +

10.08.04 austin, texas

10.09.04 houston, texas

10.10.04 dallas, texas

10.12.04 new orleans, la

10.13.04 birmingham, al

10.15.04 athens, georgia

10.16.04 atlanta, georgia

10.17.04 kansas city, kansas

10.19.04 st. petersburg, fl

10.20.04 talahasse, fl

10.22.04 carborro, nc

10.23.04 columbia, sc

10.24.04 asheville, nc

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