Youth Scholarship Fund Rabbit Auction

Please check back often. We will be adding more donors and information soon!

This is an event you don't want to miss! Many of the top breeders in the nation have pledged to donate quality Mini Rex to help raise money for a great cause.

To assure the bidders of superior quality, all donations will be evaluated by a select judge and checked for overall health and/or possible DQ's.

Thank You to everyone who donates.


This will be a Silent Auction.

Some rabbits will be designated "YOUTH ONLY", and only youth breeders will be allowed to bid on those.

Bidding will take place throughout the day on Saturday, April 2nd in a designated area of the showroom.

All bidding will cease at 3:00 PM, Saturday, April 2nd, and the top bidder at that time will take possession of the rabbit.


Doug King

George and Marjorie Procter-Smith

Dae Willams
          Jr. Castor Doe (out of the 2002 National BOB)
          Jr. Black Doe (out of the 2002 National BOSV Black)

Marti & Vern Dill
          Black Doe (out of the 2004 National BIS doe)

Alex Warner
          Jr. Chocolate Doe (out of the 2003 Conv BOB/BOG doe)
          Red, White, & Blue Star Pedigree

Armando Cabrera

Kaitlyn & Jessica Morgan
          Castor Doe

Janis Fossati

Sandra Neal
          Broken Black Buck

Caroline Goodall

Kathy Tellechea
          Sr. Castor Doe (Registered - Grand Champion)

Alison Hunter
          Sr. White Doe (Registered - Grand Champion)
          8 legs (2 BIS, 5 BOB, 1 BOS)

Becki & Deidra Rowe
          Sr. Chocolate Buck (A-N-A lines)
          Registered - Red, White & Blue Pedigree

Jeannie Fisher
          Sr. Chinchilla Doe (Registered w/1 leg)

Sara & Dustin Compart

Jeremy Watmuff

Kyle Hicks
          Opal Buck

Sara Amelse

Jerry Parks

Kelly Brothers

Lori, Brooke & Kelly Buresh

Wade Burkhalter

Allyson Coe

Jon Rentschler

Tracy Deifenbach

Megan Johnson

Julia & Sarah Vickery

Jason Ross

John, Jackie, & Ashley McDaniel

If you have any questions please contact:

Janis Fossati -- (361) 578-7457     [email protected]

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