Texas Mini Rex Rabbit Club

The Texas Mini Rex Rabbit Club was started at the Fort Worth Stock Show in 1991 and was chartered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association on May 13, 1991. To date we have a membership of 90.

Show Personnel:
The Show Secretary will be Carrol Hooks. Mrs. Hooks has expert experience as a show secretary and organization secretary. She is the Secretary for the Texas Rabbit Breeders Association, the District Four (4) Director for the American Rabbit Breeders Association and a lifetime member of the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club. Her commitment and attention to detail make her an excellent choice for this position.

Gary Sparks will serve as the Show Superintendent. Gary has served as show superintendent for Johnson County Rabbit Breeders Association for several years. These shows have had attendance in excess of 1400 plus entries. He has assisted with the setup and teardown of several cooped shows with entries exceeding 3000. Gary's ability to handle and resolve incidental problems as they occur effectively results in a well-organized event.

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