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This will be a page where I'll be putting up anything new that I hear about the show, the actors and actresses. I'll also be putting up anything that I add on the site.
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 June 28, 2001

I got an email from NBCI.com essentially telling me that they will be discontinuing their free web site service.  Look, NBCI, if you felt like you couldn't handle it, why the heck did you acquire XOOM.com like you were some big shot somebody?  Never heard of the saying, "Never bite off more than you can chew?" 

NBCI recommended the site be transferred to Homestead.com. I checked it out and it does seem ok. It has gotten some really great reviews. Unfortunately, they will start to charge for their service soon so dropped it and  I looked somewhere else.  The next best thing was Geocities.com  and so here I am. 

Another service that will soon be charging for their service is NAMEZERO.Com, a service that allowed me the use of the domain "www.mrbelvedere.net" for free.  Since I can't pay for that, I decided to just drop the domain and stick to what I have. 

Such is the reality of the Internet a lot of people, including me, are starting to realize. Pretty soon, nothing will be free. A lot of people came into this thinking that its the next big thing and they'll making big bucks. They're only half right. The Internet IS the next big thing. But very few people are making money out of it.  So I really can't totally blame these companies if they start to charge for their services.  Sponsor based revenue is simply not cutting it. 

I promise everyone that even though I can't update this site anymore, or at least not as often as I did before, I'll try my best to keep this site in the Internet right to the bitter end.

 November 22 2000
Mirror Mirror 2: Raven Dance, Tracy Well's feature film right after Mr. Belvedere has just been released in DVD! Check out my review here.

 June 30 2000

Hurry out and get your People Weekly mag today! In their issue dated June 26, 2000(scan of the cover here), they have devoted much of the magazine updating us on the wherabouts of our favorite sitcom families in the 80's and 90's inlcuding, yes, the entire cast of Mr. Belvedere!!

I will be putting the feature here eventually but I'll just let the mag sell itself out first.  All in all, it has been a great month for Mr. Belvedere fans.

 June 6 2000


I've recently heard from Rob Stone giving feedback on the site and offering information about what he has been up to.


Yes, I'm the RS of Mr. B, and no, I'm not Marilyn Manson. I appreciate you
setting everyone straight about that on your website. Great site by the way. I
checked it out and it brought back a lot of memories.

Yes, lately, I've been focusing on being behind the camera producing and
directing. In addition to Blue Angels, I've directed and produced several
specials for A&E and The History Channel. I also produced and directed a film
called "One Vision" which is about the filmmaking process and features many
wonderful directors including Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, Sydney Pollack, Rob
Reiner, Penny Marshall, Oliver Stone, etc.



I for one am excited about "One Vision". I haven't seen it myself but I'm trying to grab a copy somewhere.


That's right! The XOOM address is allright, I suppose, but it's not easy to remember. I mean, all of you are probably wondering what a "timawa" is. You see, this  space at XOOM was supposed to host my work site, featuring a character that I was writing and drawing, called "TIMAWA".  But then I got another space for that, and I decided to move the Mr. Belvedere site here. To make the site address easier to remember, I got a new domain name for it!


That's right! COOL HUH?!! You can use this address to access this site.  The content will still be hosted here at XOOM, but you can use that addres above so that you can easily remember it. I actually wanted to get http://mrbelvedere.com, but it's already owned by someone else, and as far as I know, it has nothing at all to do with the show. You can still access this site using the old address if  you prefer that, and you really don't have to update your bookmarks.


As usual, there are the weekly updates. There is a new episode up with a detailed summary. It's from Season 4, the controversial episode "The Counselor" about Wesley's encounter with a child molester.

The link of the week goes to Harvey Goldenberg, the actor who played two roles in Mr. Belvedere, one is the principal of the school that Heather goes to, and as "Mr. Hodnet", Marhsa's dull boss at the Legal Hut.

 May 28 2000

I've added a new feature to the site, the EPISODE OF THE WEEK. If you've gone around the site, you will most likely have noticed that there is a complete listing of all episodes with short summaries for each. However, at this point in time, there are only 5 episodes that have detailed summaries, guest stars, and remarks.  Doing detailed summaries all at once is long hard work, and it would take an enourmous amount of time.The Mr. Bevledere site is a nice hobby for me, but I do have things that take my attention elsewhere for most of the time.   I had toyed with the idea of doing everything before putting up this site, but if I did that, this site won't be up until next year! So a neat solution is to put up what I have now, and just update the site weekly with a new detailed summary of an episode. This way, the site will always be updated and I'm pretty confident that I will be able to do this on a regular basis.

 May 22 2000 

SITTING PRETTY, the film starring the original Mr. Belvedere, played by Clifton Webb, in a role for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor, is available on video from FOX Home studio classics! Click Here.

  May 19 2000 Thursday

Hello! First off, let me apologize for letting this site go for months without a single update, and I realize how concerned a lot of you are since you have written to me, sometimes quite colorfully, that I get off my ass and update the site. He.he. As you can see, I've made a huge redesign of everything.  I've gotten rid of all the frames because a lot of surfers coming here have complained of difficulty navigating.

I've also put up the entire episode list with short summaries for each.  Certain episodes on Season 6 have remained blank only because I have no summaries for them and those are episodes I have not yet seen. If anyone knows what went on in those shows please let me know!  As of now there are only 4 episodes that have detailed summaries and credits but rest assured that I will be adding more of them at least once a week until all episodes are done.

If you have gone around the site, you may have probably noticed that I've put up a large list of guest stars with corresponding pictures. Many of the guests don't have pictures because I haven't found any as of yet. I'll be putting up pics for each as soon as I get them.

This site has just been uploaded so it is most likely I have made numerous mistakes in spelling or errors in links. If you spot any, please let me know.

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