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The Comedy Writers Workshop
A venture to teach sitcom writing throughout the US the faculty of which includes many Mr. Belvedere veterans including Liz Sage, Fredric Weiss, and Jay Abramowitz


MR. BELVEDERE came to television under the guidance of executive producers Frank Dungan and Jeff Stein. Dungan and Stein are Emmy-Award winners for "Barney Miller". They were signed to a development deal at Twentieth Century Fox following the conclusion of  the "Barney Miller" and asked by ABC to develop the Mr. Belvedere pilot.

Dungan, a native of Philadelphia, is a graduate of Bowling Green (Ohio) University who worked in an advertising agency after serving in the United States Army. He moved to the West Coast and began hanging out at the Comedy Store, a popular Hollywood imrovisational hangout for the young comedic talent and began writing material for the Comedy Store hopefuls--including Jimmy Walker.

Stein, a native of Cleveland who came to Los Angeles as a youngster and attended Valley College, worked for a record company and also began writing material for the Comedy Store hopefuls-- including Waker.

He and Dungan met, decided to form a team and began their association by writing a game show pilot, then free-lanced some scripts to "Barney Miller" and in 1978, became staff members, moving up to story editors and then producers.  In addition to the producer's Emmy, they have an Emmy nomination for writing and a nomination from the Writers Guild of America.


Supervising producer Liz Sage is a native of South Bend, Indiana, who was educated at Los Angeles City College. She won a Television Academy EMMY for her work on "The Carol Burnett Show" and has served as Executive Story Consultant on both the "Welcome Back Kotter" and "Dorothy" television series.

Producer Patricia Rickey is a native of Stillwater, Oklahoma where she graduated from the Oklahoma State University with a BA in Humanities. She started as on-air personality in Tulsa and then moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a secretary at NBC. She became a production assistant, was an assistant to the producer, an associate producer and finally producer.

Pre-Mr. Belvedere she produced such shows as "Jennifer Slept Here", "Teachers Only", "Gift of the Magi", "Have I got a Christmas For You", "Fame", "Going Home Again", and "Wrinkles, Birthdays and Other Fables".

She resides in North Hollywood with her husband, Dr. Ronald Ashley and their daughter Kristina.


Producer Fredric (Ric) Weiss came to Los Angeles in 1978 after a three year stint as a national editor of TV Guide magazine in Radnor, PA. Born in New York City, he was educated in Philadepphia, where he earned his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D at the University of Pennsylvania.

In Hollywood he has worked soley with a partner, Jeff Ferro, on numerous television programs, including "Archie Bunker's Place", "Nine To Five", "Charles In Charge", and "Sara". He was nominated for an Emmy for his work as Co-producer of "The Golden Girls". He also served as Executive story consultant and Co-producer of "Mr. Belvedere" from 1985 to 1987.


Producer Jeff Ferro is a native of Elkhart, Indiana, who graduated with a B.A. from the University of Michigan. He was co-producer of "The Golden Girls" television series as well as Mr. Belvedere in the 1986-87 season before his elevation to full producer for the 1988 season.

His other credits include "Charles In Charge", "9 to 5" and "Archie Bunker's Place". Ferro resides with his wife in Santa Monica, California.

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