Here's my fan fiction from past and present.

It's sorted and summarized for those who don't like to judge a fiction by it's title. . .

The Vampire Diaries
Title: Castlemania
Summary: The evil priest Shaft's nephew Shaft (if you haven't played the game....nm) resurrects Castlemania and it's Prince of Darkness. Only the next Belmont, the Belmont who isn't a Belmont, can't stop The PoD from taking over the world with hordes of demons and ghouls and werewolves and mermen and trolls and- oh, sorry...heh anyway, he can't stop The PoD because he's been kidnapped by him. Someone besides the next Belmont, the Belmont who isn't a Belmont, storms the castle and oh ghad, just read it if you want..
Title: Enter Elena
Summary: Options were so limited in the computer game and everything so cliche and predictable, I decided to take creative license with some kick a$$ fan fiction. For those of you who haven't played the game, you won't get why I hate this particular scene so much...
Title: The World is Not Enough
Summary: Summary: Damon finds himself in a small town caught up in brutal murders. They seem to be connected to a pretty, but bitchy girl at Silver Creek High School. With special guest appearances by Detective Knight of Metro Homicide and Natalie Lambert of the coroners office. (Forever Knight) Hell, maybe I'll throw Lacroix in there...heh
Title: Thou Shall Not Fall
Summary: Summary: In a city of hoplessness, Stefan found a reason to live, even after the death of his wife, Elena. In a city of promise, Mars and Candy found a reason to fight, to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. Now, if only the three of them could get along. Crossover with H:tR. Hosted off sight at Hellfire and Shadows.
Title: Thou Shall Not Die
Summary: Summary: Stefan's calm finally cracks and it's up to his brother to help put him back together. But can Damon consoul the brother he seemingly never cared for about the death of the women he too also loved? And can Mars manage not to get into a fight with Reluctant_Heroine? New Orleans will never be the same. Hosted off sight at Hellfire and Shadows.

The Forbidden Games
Title: Everything Seems Possible and Nothing is What it Seems
Summary: Summary: Julian comes back with a (duh) twist. Actually no, there is no twist, I randomly bring him back for no reason. I just say there's a twist to lure you into reading a page of absolute blather. That is all..
Title: The Forbidden Labyrinth
Summary: Summary: What happens when the kooky stars of your favorite trilogy get wished away into the magical mystical l abyrinth of the goblin king. .
Title: Sympathy For the Devil
Summary: Summary: Julian... Jenny, Puck at 2AM with loads of sugar and get the picture..

The Nightworld
Title: Darkside of Daybreak
Summary: The millennium is dawning and the fourth wild power has yet to be discovered. Can we say disaster? I'm taking liberties that we know absolutely nothing about Strange Fate...cus apparently neither does LJS...;)
Title: Night Stalker
Summary: Summary: Ash comes back to Mary Lynette at the same time her cousin Elle visits. Elle's just full of major secrets; one's that could threaten Mare's newfound family....what'll happen.. don't ask me...Oh,and I got tired of writing I put M-L instead...sorry, I'm lazy..
Title: Today I Saw the Fence
Summary: Summary: The battle is over, the Night World has won, we never found the fourth wild power. Or is it all in someone's mind. .

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