Finally, the website with the most comprehensive Vampire Diaires Game section in history! The Vampire Directory section has two walkthroughs, one if you're in a hurry and one if you want to insult Caroline and let Damon snack on you. I've got the complete list of objects, song lyrics and a messageboard on which you can ask questions, hunt for buyers/sellers for your Vampire Diaries Game. And of course, there is a FAQ. There's always a FAQ. I love the internet and LJ so I'll be updating frequently and putting up my fan fiction that has yet to be posted to the Twilight Tales List.

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The Forbidden Games Project is my spoof on, you guessed it, the good old Blair Witch. This idea has been pinging around in my head ever since that horrible movie and it's even worse sequal. Hopefully people will come to my sight, think FG is real and LJ will finally publish Strange Fate. Riiight, and I'll get a McJob like my brother Dave... There's also my ongoing LJ Scavenger Hunt in which I've found obscure quotes from other works or silly objects lying about the book. If you want to play, go ahead, but if you lose, there's the devil to pay... okay not really.
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The rest of the sight is dedicated to silly and insipid fun, the best kind. However, most of it isn't up yet, do to me having school and the like. I don't know how much longer the Forbidden Games Project will be with us, as I have decided to halt the work I had planned for it and instead replace it with a shrine to my long running RP charactors and the story lines they have. And just a note, this site is FAR from done, so if you click on a link and you get a page is missing, ten to one, it's not missing, I just haven't done it. Thank you. <
Forbidden Games Project

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